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Syndicate: Arrests and Actions in Yugoslavia

On Friday, September 17th 1999., Belgrade police arrested Vukasin Petrovic (alias Bukasin) and another guy from the Philosophical Faculty, Branko Ilic. Vukasin Petrovic is the chief editor of the BUKA (Noise) magazine (funded by Soros or USAID or similar).
They were arrested in Knez Mihailova street, during the action "a dinar for replacement (of Milosevic)", which was organised by RESISTANCE. The policemen just aproached and arrested them. The last I heard was on Sep. 18th, they were still in the police station in Majke Jevrosime street.
Vukasin Petrovic had, a day before that, held a speech at the pensioneers protest, announcing new student protests, that would begin in October (Party!!! :)))).
I don't know about the other guy, but Vukasin is well known as an opponent of the regime, since the 1996/97 student protests. The magazine BUKA was founded by some people from the PSS (Pokret Studenata Srbije - Movement of Students of Serbia), including Vukasin Petrovic, in May of 1997. It has a low circulation and, as mentioned above is funded from certain sources. I assume Vukasin is corrupt, a professional protest leader for U$ money. But I do not know this. The BUKA had the RESISTANCE bilten (is it the same word "bilten" in english?) published as a submagazine once. i think that was in December of 1998. It was more or less written by the same people, anyway. 
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