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Syndicate: ARTLAB9 "Connecting Re-Body"

The 9th ARTLAB Original Exhibition "Connecting Re-Body"
 collaborated with artist Atsuhito Sekiguchi
 October 6-17 at Hillside Plaza, Tokyo

<on the work>

- Body existence represented through digital media

"Connecting Re-Body" shows a new vision of body, which people can sense
through digital IT. So far, human images have been expressed according to
their external features and/or expressions as shown in photographs. In
"Connecting Re-Body," however, bodies are not restricted to their visible
external appearances, but the invisible interaction and communication of
bodies is described. Physiological circulation inside bodies and exchange
of energy with  outside sources are data-processed for visitors to
experience different kinds of interactive communication with bodies.

- The phantasm of body data-processed

Looking back on the history of art  in all ages and countries, we
understand that there are variations on the phantasm of body; to see the
cosmos within the body, to express movements and flows, or to show things
transformed or attached which are attributed to physical characteristics.
Examining them closely, we can interpret them in a numerical formula
based on the logic of circulating and turning motion. In this exhibition,
visitors can have their bodies scanned by sensors, and experience different
internal and external interactions, and the accumulated data are processed
and virtually presented. The invisible world of body will reveal itself

-  a variety of bodies through different sensors and interfaces

At different places in the exhibition site, visitors can have their bodies
scanned with different kinds of sensors for shape, voice*, temperature,
etc. for data-processing. These data are processed into the specially
programmed three-dimensional CG's in real time, and projected on the wall.
Visitors can have their changing bodies registered, and have access to them
due to individual voice qualities.

* The voice recognition system in this work employs the "UCanTalk"
engine developed by the Canon Research Centre Europe Ltd, which is
independent of languages to recognize registered voices.

<Atsuhito Sekiguchi>

Born in 1958. Since 1980, he has produced installations of his own style,
based on paintings. In 1990 he started to use computers to show the idea
of new cognitive systems. In "How to Make the Earth" series he
experimented interactive reconstruction of relationships between a
person's self and an imagery globe. In 1996, he became a professor of the
Gifu Prefectural International Academy of Media Arts and Science(IAMAS).
His researches center on digital conversion of classical artworks, visual
and tactile cognitive systems in VR environments, and the study/education
of media archives.

<exhibition data>

Title:  ARTLAB9 "Connecting Re-Body"
Artist: Atsuhito sekiguchi
Duration: October 6(Wed)  - 17(sun), 1999   11:00 - 20:00
Venue: Hillside Plaza, Tokyo
*admission free

Organized by:  Canon ARTLAB, Tokyo
Cooperation:    International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS)
                        Hillside Plaza
                     A PLUS CORPORATION
                     Side Effects Software, Inc.
                     NK-EXA Corporation

                                *                   *
For general inquiry, please contact;
Yukiko Shikata yshikata@crpg.canon.co.jp
URL: http://www.canon.co.jp/cast/

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