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Syndicate: Real or Non-real?

	I was just wondering...

	What is the diference between ther Real and the Non-real? Where should I
put my _self_ when I enjoy the world of images, sounds and letters, that
the web can give to me?  Should I consider myself an image like any other
one, or should i consider myself a real object with unreal components,
images, sounds and letters that I can not see anywhere?

	Why can we not be real when a screen full of electronic components
replaces our souls and feelings?

	How Art can be real in this or should we consider that Art is
just another image, sound or letter like any other that we could find

	Is Art some kind of non-concept that can be what is real and what is not?

....Sorry if I'm being confusing.... But I'm wondering ....really


>...but imaginary or semireal things seem to have a funny habit of becoming
>real (otherwise we would still be living in holes in the ground)


>Well, obviously, international capitalism will just pack up its bags and
>dissapear (when it has read all the right literature).

...Anarquist lectures?


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