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Syndicate: Free passwords: illegal?

A simple question?

If someone goes to a site like:   or to:
And this person goes inside a web site using a password for free (that
these sites provide),  If the surfer downloads all the pics of this site,
can he use them in his own _comercial_ site?
How a picture can have a copyrithg if we acces to the pictures illegaly?
This means that the owner of the pictures is not the owner of these

How can a web site owner, actually "own" all the pics, if another one can
access the site and take them for free, without paying anykind of membership?

Has any kind of sense to defend the copyright in this cases? 

Is possible to have something using the web as a medium? If all  what the
web offers is not real, but an imaginary or semireal being, how we can have
something here?

Is this the end of property? Has any sense to defend an ownership in a
"place" where no one is the owner?

...I was just wondering!


Damian Toro
Independent Artists

Telefax.: 593-2-898289 / 897972

Po Box 17-07 8983
Quito - Ecuador -

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