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Syndicate: the last of the summer webcastings of De Hoeksteen

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 13:29:21 +0200
Subject: the last of the summer webcastings of De Hoeksteen

(The Last of) The Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen Net

A project of De Hoeksteen Communications and the DDS in Amsterdam The

Thursday September the Second 1999. The Last of the Summer Webcastings of
De Hoeksteen.

After a Summer of continuous streaming of real video De Hoeksteen webcasts
of the last programs in this series before entering a week of intense
streaming of live real audio and real video for the 20th.s edition of Ars
Electronica in Linz (Austria) from September 4th. to September 9th 1999.
After this event De Hoeksteen will continue to webcast real
video on a permanent basis from the DDS (Digital City)

The last of the Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen.

During the last of the Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen on Thursday
September the Second 1999 De Hoeksteen features the following items from
15:30 hours on September the Second until 02:00
on September the  Third C.E.T. (Central  European Time)

Interviews, discussions and debates are conducted in Dutch, English,
French, German, Italian and Spanish.

* Features

A view on housing and city planing.
Dutch architect S. de Swaan present his own view on city planning and
compares different capitals: Amsterdam, Mexico City, New York, Hong Kong,
Paris, Rome and Jakarta and other metropolis (English / Spanish)

City Desk
An interview with Wim Paquay lider of the  SP (Socialist Party) the extreme
left of the Dutch political panorama, in the Amsterdam City Council.
Welfare and safety in a growing, multicultural city.
(Dutch / English)

The Museum's role in the next Millennium
An interview with Hugo van Bergen: External Affairs New Metropolis
Amsterdam Museum for Science and Technology.

Art Desk
The beginning of the season.
Art openings in Amsterdam in the days to come including galleries such as:
Art Kitchen,  Aschenbach, van Gelder, Living Room, Seriouse Zaken and
(French / English)

Something about Music
Jan Buiter with music organs from different periods.

City Desk
Amsterdam "car free" on Sunday.
The personal view of  Ton Hooijmaijers vice chairman of the V.V.D..
(biggest market oriented party in The Netherlands) in the Amsterdam City

Media Desk
Information and the Electronic Highway  with Nico van Eijk.
Assistant professor in Information Law U.v.A. (Amsterdam University)

City Desk
An interview with Pauline Krikke, Deputy Mayor / City Commissioner Amsterdam

NL Politics
Science and Education at the end of the Century.
Oussama Cherribi MP  (V.V.D..) French.

Froggy Desk
Ab Cherribi P.v.d.A. (Dutch Labor) Chairman of the Culture and Media
Commission Amsterdam City Council and contributing editor of De Hoeksteen

"Queer Desk"
The latest news and events taking place in the homosexual and lesbian
community in Amsterdam with Mattias Duyves
(English, French, German)

Film Review
Interview with Dutch film maker Alfred Broer (Dutch / English)

*Permanent Items

A Girl About Town
The Do(s) and Do not(s) in Amsterdam and other European capitals
by Danny Linden (Dutch, English, French, German)

Dick's Point of View. Dick van Eijk

Financial Analysis by Hoeksteen Senior Anchorman in Editorial  Functions
Martin Bosma.

Foreign Affairs.
Independence for East Timor, facts and fiction after the referendum.

Food & Wine at this very moment (Guest Editor) Dutch, English, French,
German, Italian Spanish.

Comments and contributions from Viewers / Participants and Multitaskers.

Musical entertainment and commentary by Rob Zwetsloot.

Interviews and discussions are conducted and moderated by: Martin Bosma,
Mattias Duyves,  Danny Linden, Erik Lint, Alexandra Ramos and Rob

 IRC  moderation: Truss Dokter (Amsterdam) & Lucas Marroquin Olivera
Bogota, Cris Senior New York.
<Dehoeksteen> or through the WWW <>

Juan Pablo Jimenez Marroquin, Bogota  (Colombia) & Guido Vriesinga,
Amsterdam publish text, graphics and contributions while streaming.

Video & streaming production by media artist MauzZ at the DDS in Amsterdam.

"The Summer Webcastings of De Hoeksteen" are produced by Idzarda Lindenbergh.

Interviews, discussions and debates are conducted in Dutch, English,
French, German, Italian and Spanish.

All programming are streamed in two different channels:
One for ADSL, ISDN, Cable Modem and T1 lines.
A second one for regular, telephone, analogue lines.
Both channels can be found at: <>

Reactions  & on-line participation
E-mail <>
Telephone: + 31 20 5205340
Fax: + 31 20 8830838.

Dedicated video conferencing units are  available for users to participate
live during the program via "netmeeting"

Interviews, discussions, commentaries and events of De HoeksteenNet are
available on demand
<> archives.

For more information contact Raul Marroquin
De HoeksteenNet <>

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