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Syndicate: [2000-2001 Harvard Fellowships in Ethics]

From: Zarana Papic <zpapic@EUnet.yu>
Subject: [2000-2001 Harvard Fellowships in Ethics]

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Subject: Fw: 2000-2001 Harvard Fellowships in Ethics
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:25:45 -0400
From: "Indira Kajosevic" <>
To: "Zarana Papic" <zpapic@EUnet.yu>

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From: judy_kendall@Harvard.Edu <judy_kendall@Harvard.Edu>
Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 8:36 PM
Subject: 2000-2001 Harvard Fellowships in Ethics

>Please distribute this information to anyone who might be interested in
>applying.  Thank you so much.
>Applications for 2000-2001 residential Faculty Fellowships in Ethics are
>from teachers and scholars who hold a doctorate or professional degree.
>Successful applicants normally will have completed their last final degree
>within the past five years.  The deadline date for receipt of applications
>Wednesday, December 1, 1999. For an information packet, please contact:
>The Center for Ethics and the Professions
>Harvard University
>79 Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138
>Telephone: 617-495-1336
>Fax: 617-496-6104
>Web Site:
>Judy M. Kendall
>Telephone: 617-495-9337
>Facsimile:   617-496-6104
>Coordinator, Events and Communications
>Assistant to the Director
>The Center for Ethics and the Professions
>Harvard University
>79 John F. Kennedy Street
>Taubman Building, Office 206
>Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

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