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Mircea Nedelciu is dead.  Nedelciu is one the best romanian writers of
the last 20 years and, in the same time, a man who loved the french
culture and language. His work was about the free man, fighting the
oppressive system. His drama started in 1991, when he was diagnosed with
cancer. He was invited in France by french writers and, after a long
wait, he managed to obtain the french visa. He arrived in France and he
was consulted by some of the best french surgeons. He was scheduled for
operation in the fall of '95. The french doctors offered their services
"pro bonno" and french writers offered to cover the rest of the
expenses. But in the mean time his visa expired and Nedelciu had to
return to Romania and ask for another visa from the French Embassy.
Well, now you'll see the most incredible example of cynicism. He was
granted a visa to stay in France starting with the next day after the
date when his operation was scheduled ! Off course, people protested
here but the french bureaucrats couldn't care less. In the end a new
date for the operation was found and, after the intervention of
Romania's President directly to Chirac, he was allowed to go. The
operation was performed in 1997, two years after the original date ! It
was too late.  Mircea Nedelciu died on July 14 1999, the french national

Dan Grosu

The Movement for Alternative Society from Romania at

hacking the borderline camp 7-15 aug 1999

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