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Syndicate: ISEA meeting at INVENCAO

ISEA Meeting at Invencao
Sunday 29 August, 1999
Itau Cultural Centre
Avenida Paulista, 149, 
Sau Paulo, Brazil

We would like to invite all ISEA members, friends, and interested parties planning to attend INVENCAO (Sau Paulo, Brazil, August 25-29, 1999) to an ISEA gathering during this event. The meeting, hosted by ISEA Board member Nina Czegledy, will be an opportunity to network and discuss ISEA projects. INVENCAO is organised by the Itau Cultural Institute in collaboration with:

ISEA, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts 
< >


CAiiA-STAR, Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales College, Newport and the Centre for Science Technology and Art Research , University of Plymouth, UK 

and supported by IDEA <>.

Hope to see you there! For more information on the ISEA meeting, please contact one of the following:

Nina Czegledy
ISEA Board Member

Katarina Soukup
International Relations, ISEA

More information on INVENCAO itself:

August 25-29, 1999
Itau Cultural Centre
Sau Paulo, Brazil

INVENCAO is an opportunity for those working at the creative edge of the arts, sciences and technology to collaborate in the transdisciplinary development of ideas and innovative strategies for life in the next millennium. Invenção is a "seeding" event that seeks to identify key questions and issues that can lead to the radical transformation of culture.

Just as artists increasingly work with the metaphors of science, so scientists are employing forms of representation, such as visualisation, which owe much to research in the digital arts. As art is transformed by interactivity, so science increasingly recognises the subjectivity of the  observer. In turn, technology informs our aesthetic and epistemological structures and is engendering new processes of perception, communication and cognition.

INVENCAO will examine the consequences of this convergence of art, science and technology on our sense of self and human identity, on consciousness, community and the city, as well as on learning and leisure.

The organising committee consists of: Arlindo Machado (chair), Roy Ascott, Roger Malina and Alain Mongeau. The scientific committee is: Diana Domingues,Claudia Giannetti, Eduardo Kac, Marcos Novac and Margarita Schultz.

INVENCA0 place at the Itau Cultural Centre, Avenida Paulista, 149,  Sau Paulo, Brazil.
Blue Room and Red Room
10am to 6pm (panels and presentations of papers)  
7:30pm to 9pm (lectures by the guest speakers)

To attend :
Send e-mail from July10 forward to <>, with your
complete name, phone and e-mail. Then, wait for a confirmation notice. There
is no registration fee. Once your registration is accepted and confirmed,
you can go to the INVENCAO secretary from August 23 to the final day of the
event and get an identification card

Katarina Soukup 
International Research & Relations
Editor, ISEA Newsletter

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