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Syndicate: synesthesie 8th

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 13:59:38 +0000
From: "synesthesie" <>

Launchinf of the eighth issue of Synesthésie, www-online french art review,
about "Image in  Contemporary Art".


REFLEXIONS (Reflections)
Paul Ardenne, Alexandre Castant, Christian Denker, Bruno Guiganti, Christine
Macel, Anne-Marie Morice, Françoise Parfait, Morten Salling
à propos de Ryuta Amae, Martin Arnold, Lewis Baltz, Anna+Bernhard Blume,
Geneviève Cadieux, Régine Cirotteau, Claude Closky, Gérard Collin-Thiébaut,
Philippe Durand, Valérie Favre, Liam Gillick, Raymond Hains, Gary Hill,
Peter Land, Christian Marclay, Aernout Mik, Charlotte Moorman, Nicolas
Moulin, Philippe Parreno, Nelson Sullivan, Erwin Wurm

Les Acolytes de lArt, Alain Bernardini, Théophile Billich, Raphaël
Boccanfuso, Lucie de Boutiny, Edouard Boyer, Betty Bui, David Cascaro,
Jean-François Chermann, Wim Delvoye, Antonio Gallego, Véronique Hubert,
Intell-Agent, Olga Kisseleva, Komar et Melamid, Elke Krystufek, Roberto
Martinez, Christine Melchiors, Philippe Meste, Ghislain Mollet-Viéville,
Jean-Luc Moulène, Catherine Poncin, Veit Stratmann, Yann Toma, Nathalie Van

Editor and Publisher: Anne-Marie Morice
assisted by Garance Jousset
Guest editor: Paul Ardenne
Assistant editor: Bruno Guiganti
Graphic designers: Philippe Peyredieu du Charlat and Serge Combaud
 Technicians: Christian Denker, Fabien Guy, Grégoire Laquay, Raphaël

For further information, contact:
Garance Jousset
>tel: 33 (0) 1 43 11 22 35

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