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Syndicate: Kosovo reality

An unnamed Italian KFOR Officer confirmed in Prishtina that the story
about mass graves in village Ljubenic, where there are allegedly more
than 350 killed and massacred bodies of Albanians, is a fake story
after all.

Hague tribunal prosecutor Louise Arbour said that there is no evidence
yet that genocide and crime against humanity have been committed on
Kosovo, but this doesn't mean there won't be any.

London Sunday Telegraph reports in today's edition of an increasing
number of evidence of Albanian attacks on non-Albanian population on 
Kosovo, mostly on Serbs and Roma. The newspaper quotes a
statement of an UNHCR spokesman who said that there are
evidence of a systematical campaign of the Albanians against
the minority groups.
Serb farmers, Zivorad Jankovic and his son Zoran were wounded by
automatic weapons fire near Gnjilane (South-East Kosovo), but KFOR
didn't investigate incident. Zivorad and his son were transferred to
Pristina's hospital.

Center for Peace reports that Mirko Mladenovic was attacked in the
Gnjilane center, and KFOR intervened soon after. Before that, terrorists
threw bombs on the houses of Dobrivoje Kostic and Ceda Mladenovic. In
the clash that followed, Ceda Mladenovic was wounded, two terrorists
were killed and two wounded. KFOR arrested Mladenovics.

Zivota Jankovic and his son, Zoran from Gnjilane, who were heavily 
wounded two days ago in village Gornji Livac because Albanians attacked
them and they were hospitalized in Prishtina's medical center. During
evening, Zoran died but his family claims that Zoran was murdered in
hospital by Albanian doctors. No Serbian doctors are working in
Prishtina's medical center. CB radio operators report that Zoran had a
lot of deep cuts on his neck.

During last night, Albanians burned the house of one orthodox priest in
southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, part where mostly Albanians are
living. His house was located only 10 meters from the orthodox church of
St. Sava. 

British general Michael Jackson stated that KFOR had arrested near 180
persons in Kosovo, for violence, robbery and arson. 160 of them are

Serb Bozidar Davcetovic was killed by Albanians in Pristina at 05:00 pm.

Serbian church from 16th ct. in the village of Slovinje which is placed
only 70 meters from KFOR base was mined by Albanians yesterday.

KFOR arrested persons responsible for explosion in Vitina yesterday. 24
people were wounded in explosion. 13 Albanians were arested too because
of large amount of weapons they were hiding.

Serbian Orthodox Church is reporting numerous demollitions of Serbian  
churches in Kosovo: in Klina, in Petric, in village Dolac and Drsnik, in
Djurekovac and Pecka Banja...

British "Guardian" is reporting about violence over Kosovo's Serbs,
together with UNHCR's data about abductions and arsons of Serbs' houses
and churches.

By making big fire few days ago, Albanian terrorists made great damage
to one of the oldest mediaeval orthodox church in Serbia, Samodreza,   
which is located 8 km of Vucitrn and also to church Sveta Trojica.


One group of Albanians started today to demolish orthodox temple in    
Prishtina, and after some time, KFOR reacted and stopped them.

In Lipljan, bombs were thrown on the four Serb houses in the Ace
Marovica and Kosovska streets, and molotov cocktails were thrown on a
café owned by Serb Ljubinko Andjelkovic. Bombs were also thrown       
on the houses of Ognjen Todic, Ljubomir Smiljic, Miladin Mladenovic and
his son Zoran.
Raska-Prizren eparchy submitted to KFOR a request for arrest of Agim
Tasoli from Bandulica village and Agron Gasi and Rasim Azemi from
Lipljan for crimes committed over Serbs in the Lipljan comune.


Center for Peace said yesterday that in the last 24 hours 17 Serbs were
kidnapped. On the Gnjilane-Presevo road, Sladjana Karadzic          
from Partes village was wounded, and in the center of Gnjilane,        
Cedomir Savic received a chest wound from sniper fire. Dr.Zoran
Jovanovic, surgeon of the Gnjilane hospital was kidnapped, and bombs
were thrown on houses of Stanislav Bivolarevic, his son and his brother.

Yesterday on Kosovo the Albanians killed Djura Janus, employee of the
Serbian power company. 


Albanians still burn Serbian houses in villages in Lipljan area. Lot   
of Serbs in Lipljan area are heavily or lightly injured because        
Albanians also attacked them with bombs. Monastery 'Sveti Vraci' in
village Zociste is damaged and plundered.

Albanians attacked villages in Novo Brdo area. As Pravoslavlje Press
reports, lot of Serbs were killed, mostly elder people. Big  part of
Serbs left Novo Brdo area. But, even Albanians pressure  is very hard,
Serbs are still standing on their land.

Please, wake up

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