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Syndicate: uranium - not only in serbia / the kosovo (look up)
Nukes In Space 2, Unacceptable Risks, a video documentary that tells
the story of the Cassini plutonium-fueled space probe, has received the
Silver Award at the 32nd annual WorldFest-Houston International Film
The WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival is the largest film
festival in the world with over 4,300 entries from 33 countries.
Festival Director, J. Hunter Todd, said, "Nukes In Space 2 is a
tremendously important film that reveals the terrible truth of our nation's folly."
Nukes In Space 2, Unacceptable Risks was directed by Steve Jambeck,
written and narrated by Karl Grossman. It investigates the Cassini space
probe, with 72.3 pounds of lethal plutonium 238 on board, launched by
NASA in 1997. Cassini is slated to come hurtling toward Earth's atmosphere
on August 17, 1999. The probe will be flying at 42,300 miles per hour,
and will come within 500 miles in a "gravity assist" or "slingshot"
maneuver so it can reach its final destination, Saturn. According to NASA, if
Cassini makes an "inadvertent re-entry" into the Earth's atmosphere during
the "fly-by," it will break up, plutonium will disperse and
"approximately five billion of the estimated 7 to 8 billion world population at the
time ...could receive 99 percent or more of the radiation exposure." The
documentary also reports on NASA's planned future plutonium missions, and
investigates the U.S. military's aim to "control space" and the Earth
below with space-based nuclear-powered weaponry.
Information to order Nukes in Space 2: Unacceptable Risks is posted at
NoFlyby will send promotional copies of the video to any government or
media representatives, community access television or other nonprofit
organizations before June 24, 1999. Send an email to
For further information call EnviroVideo: Steve Jambeck 718-318-8045
Karl Grossman 516-725-2858
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