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Syndicate: Dejan Sinadinovic: ContraPunctus

From: "Dejan Sinadinovic" <sinadin@EUnet.yu>
Subject: ContraPunctus
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 18:49:46 +0200

I have tried to create an experience that is different from most web
sites. ContraPunctus is designed as a experiment in web technology and
graphical treatments. There is no story boarding, no site plan, just
total randomness. ContraPunctus is conceptualized to be a test of
human/computer interaction, while testing various HTML issues.

Regards, DS


a b o u t :
contrapunctus => digital variations. exploring
ambiance and moods. installation. digitally
manipulated reality. images. this is my studio. web is
my virtual gallery.

or, if you prefer HTML ;)

<meta NAME="keywords"
CONTENT="dejan sinadinovic contrapunctus installation digitally manipulated reality
images concept studio web virtual gallery
depression kosovo ozyris egypt nature hymn
purgatory space ambient literature poetry">

Dejan Sinadinovic

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