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Syndicate: novi sad tensions!

(forwarded from Serbia)

Novi Sad, July 1st 1999


Slobodan Milosevic`s dictatorship  is on it`s end. All of his desperate
attempts to frighten those who are asking his retreat are in vain.

Today, at noon, Slobodan Milosevic`s police forces arrested Nikola
Grujic, activist of League of Socialdemocrats of Vojvodina. Mr. Grujic
had a certan number of flyers in his posession for tomorrow`s  rally,
which was regulary  announced at local police authorities. Rally will be
held on central city sqer at 8. p.m. with a slogan " Get off Milosevic

The police beated arrested activist and realesed them after threatening
to beat the participanst of the rally too.

The Interior Ministry of Serbia, Dpt. in Novi Sad insisted that Mr.
Canak, president of the LSV and elected MP in Serbian Parliament and Mr.
Mile Isakov, MP in Yugoslav Federal Assembly bring the APPLICATION
direct to the Police.

Later in the afternoon police arrested other 2 activists of the LSV, one
of them partie's general secretary and member of the City Parliament in
Novi Sad. They were released after LSV attorneys appealed.

The arres of the younges member of City Parliament was prevented after
quick reaction of several

The current situation in Novi Sad is full of tension looking forward to
a unusually strong police forces on the central streets of the capitol
of Vojvodina, where the disribution of flyers is still going on.

There is a pressure on free local media to stop announcing tomorrows

League of Socialdemocrats in Vojvodina
Alexander Ivkovac
Foreign Policy Speaker / International Secretary

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