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Syndicate: Digital Portfolio Workshop

From: Site Gallery <>

Please forward the following information to anyone it might interest. Thankyou.

Creating a Digital Portfolio
Saturday 3 July 10am - 4 pm  £4
Site Gallery, Sheffield

An introduction for artists and photographers wanting to take the first
steps towards digital archiving of their work or requiring an insight into
the pitfalls and considerations of creating digital portfolios.

The benefits of embracing digital technologies include more effective
mediums for the distribution and promotion of your work and allows you to
present your ideas in a combination of photographs, slides, sketches,
videos and text.  In addition as new work is completed, the Digital
Portfolio can be easily updated.

During this one day workshop participants will learn how to make good
quality scans at low resolution including scaling images for appropriate
screen sizes.  Discussion will consider the relative merits of high and low
resolution images and their uses.

The day will also provide demonstrations of software packages required when
designing more sophisticated CD ROMs (Quicktime & Macromedia Director) and
the possibilities of publicising your work on the internet.

By the end of the day participants will have created a simple portfolio /
catalogue using ImageAXS and downloaded their work onto CD for viewing on
both MAC & PC formats or outputting onto floppy and Zip Discs.  For more
information contact Rebecca Owen or Nick White on  0114 281 2077 or email

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