Andreas Broeckmann on Thu, 1 Jul 1999 18:28:37 +0100

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Syndicate: autumn offers

dear friends,

this is your translocal travel agent speaking: karlsruhe, stockholm and/or
helsinki are calling. all three projects are still in development, but i
thought i'd communicate this early so that you can start making plans. more
on all these things will follow.

* in karlsruhe, the zkm is organising a big exhibition about art and
telecommunication, 'net.condition', which will open on 22 september (- 11
november). the net.lounge there is coordinated by walter vd cruijsen and
will bring together a whole range of network initiatives and artists (many
of the usual suspects plus plenty of others), and the syndicate is being
invited to hold a workshop there from ca. 27 sep - 3 oct, and do some
public presentations (focus on 1-3 oct). what precisely we want to do there
is still open, and if you have ideas, please, come forward. my initial idea
was that this might be a good opportunity to bring a mixed group of young
artists from all over europe, incl./esp. the balkans, together and let them
meet the net-art-scene and maybe do workshops with some of the more
experienced artists - a bit like the syndicate net-shop that we did at the
ars electronica in 1997. there will be a core travel budget, accommodation,
and money for a new syndicate reader for which, apparently, inke has
already started compiling the table of contents.

* in stockholm, bojana pejic is curating the After the Wall exhibition, a
large art exhibition which opens at Moderna Museet on thursday 14 oct. there will be a symposium and performance
programme on 15 and 16 oct (friday-saturday). the idea at the moment is to
do two syndicate events in the mornings of 15 and 16, each from
10-13.00hrs, before the symposium starts at 14.00hrs. on the 15th we would
hold a closed meeting with those people from the syndicate who are in
stockholm; hopefully, a number of the artists who have work in the show
will also be able to participate because the show will be opened by then.
on the 16th we do a public session where syndicated artists and curators
present new work and work in progress, viewed especially from the network
and cooperation perspective of the syndicate, so that international,
networked cooperation projects would be a priority - at least that's my
thinking at the moment, trying to focus on an aspect that the syndicate
could specifically contribute to the rich programme of the opening days of
After the Wall. (this public session would then also possibly be included
as a side event in the official programme.) there is no extra funding for
the syndicate meeting at this moment, but we will try to at least arrange
private accommodation for some of the people who come on their own budget.
it is also quite possible that a number of people will come to stockholm
anyway because this might very well be one of the most significant
exhibitions about the cultural condition of eastern europe in the nineties,
viewed from the perspective of over 70 artists from i think 20 countries.
the working title for the syndicate meeting in stockholm is 'After All'.

* immediately after the stockholm weekend, there will be an opportunity for
a smaller group of people to go to helsinki (18-24 oct) where, at the
Kiasma centre, a whole series of workshops will be taking places in the
autumn, modelled on the kassel Hybrid Workspace and coordinated by geert
lovink and others. the suggestion is to use this opportunity for an
in-depth workshop about balkania. given the good production facilities at
kiasma, the focus here should be on the production of media content. there
will be core funding for travel and accommodation.

these syndicate activities can obviously not all be organised and
coordinated by me. just like lisa haskel is currently coordinating the
syndicate/deep europe part of the Border Camp (7 -15 August 1999, there must be people who take on
that role; for instance, for helsinki somebody from the balkania group is
probably in the best position to do this. in stockholm, it will be good to
have local support, too.

ok, enough for the moment. spread the word, and if you have ideas how to
best use these opportunities, please get in touch.


i'll be away in sunny offline-land 19 july - 10 august

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