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Syndicate: FOCUS ON KAZAKHSTAN on Karlovy Vary Film Fest.

FOCUS  ON  KAZAKHSTAN, film retrospective

held from 2nd to 10th July, 1999

Kazakh Cinema 1988-99, program and other information on

The mutual influence and mixing of cultural and symbolic  systems in

Held on 9th and 10th July 1999, Kolonada Hotel Karlovy Vary

Fifteen  artists and film critics from Almaty have been invited  to
attend the festival with its Kazakh retrospective in a cooperation and
with a financial support of  the Open Society Fund Prague and Soros
Kazakhstan. This  panel of thought on cinema provides an opportunity
for discussions with other festival guests. This space for  thought
does necessarily have to be connected to Kazakh films  screened within
the festival. Its course will be loosely  structured into four blocs,
according to the following  inspirational themes:

I. Europe? Asia? Euroasia? One world?
There is much talk about Asian and European cinema. Let us  try to
approach the terms of the points of view of present  discussion
participants and to think over their significance.  To what extent is
cinema a medium of "translation" of  different cultural experiences?
Does there exist a different  cinema for "residents" of a culture and
for "foreign"  audience?

II. Landscape in cinema - different modes of existence
 Every culture has a different experience of life in their  country.
 It differs also according to what dominates: whther  it is a natural
landscape (with a low density population),  a cultivated or even
urbanized landscape (with a high density  population). Every
landscape thus creates a different framework of signification for its
actions and situations.

III. "Realism" versus "symbolism" in cinema Or: to capture the
Concrete and not lose the Universal; to  create the Universal and not
lose the Concrete.

IV. Film culture (individualism, spiritual pathos) versus  wide
audio-visual traffic An authorial approach, experimentation or even
experiments  are always in a certain opposition to genre and audience
stereotypes. These come from prevailing esthetic tendencies,  matters
of taste, tradition, through chance and other  factors, including
those of an economic kind. What strategies  of production,
distribution and promotion apply for today's  situation?

Languages of discussions: Czech, Russian, English (all these  will be
simultaneously translated)

Moderators: Gulnara Abikeeva(film historian and critic, coordinator of
 Soros Kazakhstan for cinema) , Galina Kopaneva (film historian and
critic, Charles University Prague), Viera Langerova (film critic), Vit
Janecek (director and film historian)

Coordinator: Vit Janecek

Supposed participants:
    - from Kazakhstan: AMIRKULOV Ardak (director and producer);
    SHINARBAEV Ermek (director and producer); NUGMANOV Rashid
(director);  NUGMANOV Murat (cinematographer and producer); KARAKULOV
Amir (director and scriptwriter); GORDEEVA Elena (scriptwriter);
KURMANBEKOV Sabit (actor); GONOPOLSKI  Igor (director and producer);
AITUAROV Amanzhol (director and producer); JILKIBAEV Nikita
(scriptwriter and poet); BARANOV Aleksander (director); SHARIP Bolat
(director); SULEIMENOV Timur (director); MUSIN Murat (director and
stage designer)     - from the Czech republic: BREGANT Michal (film
historian, NFA    Prague), KLEPIKOV Milan (film historian), GEDEON
Sasha (director and scriptwriter),  GLANC Tomas (Russist, Charles
University Prague), GOGOLA Jan (director and production advisor,
Czech television Prague), MAYDL Pøemysl (philosopher specialized for
cinema studies), OUKROPEC Petr (producer, Negativ production Prague),
RYSAVY Martin (scriptwriter), SMOLIKOVA Marta (art historian and
curator, OSF Prague cultural events coordinator), STRNAD Pavel
(producer, Negativ production Prague) , THEIN Karel (philosopher
specialized for cinema studies) and others.

Head of the project for Open Society Fund Prague side:
Marta Smolikova


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