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Syndicate: <nettime> Univ. of Westminster Research Studentships

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 23:12:22 +0000
From: Maria Way <>(by way of  (Richard Barbrook))
Subject: Research Studentships

University of Westminster
School of Communication, Design and Media
Graduate Centre

Research Studentships (6)

The Graduate Centre of the School of Communication Design and Media at the
Northwick Park Campus of the University is offering 6 Research
Studentships.  These studentships will run for a period of 3 years to
enable students to follow a full-time course of research leading to a
Ph.D.  Students will be expected to assist in the teaching of
undergraduate courses and, in addition to the waiving of fees and tuition,
a stipend of £7,500 p.a., tax free, will be paid.

Research proposals can be submitted in any of the areas covered in the
School.  Subject areas include:  communication and media, design and media
arts, fashion, film and television studies, new media, photography,
popular music and ceramics.

There is a large and successful Graduate Centre based on the distinguished
research profile of the School.

We would welcome research proposals related to the impact of new media.
Students may apply to do research by creative practice with a written
component, as well as the standard Ph.D. by written thesis.

Please note that the closing date for applications will be . Interviews
will be held at Northwick Park in the third week of July. Applicants
should be prepared to be in post by the end of September, 1999

For further information, please contact Maria Way on 0171 911 5941

For application forms, please write to:

The Personnel Office,
University of Westminster,
4th floor, Metford House,
15-18 Clipstone Street,
London W1M 8JS.

Marking your envelopes ìResearch Studentships ñ CDM

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