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Syndicate: Festival "Trash-Art" - results

Dear friends,we are happy to present the WINNERS of the 'TRASH-ART' 
net festivalorganized by the Moscow MediaArtLabhttp://www.sccamoscow.ru/eng/img_lab/index.htmBut 
from very beginning we'd like to thank all producers, explorers and fans 
oftrash!Thanks to the Members of Jury:  Kathy Rae Huffman , Rachel 
Baker, OliaLialina, Janos Sugar, Joachim Blank & Karl Heinz Jeron, 
Tetsuo Kogawa, Alla Mitrofanova, Vuk Cosic,Rasa & Raitis 
Smits.THE WINNERS OF THE 'TRASH-ART' NET FESTIVALhttp://www.da-da-net.ru/TrashArt/Anarchistic 
project:1. Frederic Madre m.s.t  http://pleine-peau.com/n7/fred/mst.html2. 
SEOalgae rhythm 10http://www.overlobe.com/algae_10/3.Ian 
VissarLekso's Codeboxhttp://www.codebox.com/Radical 
conformistic project:1.Namniyas AshuratovaEnemy processing systemhttp:// 
Mitenevnext futurehttp://www.dux.ru/digbody/next.htmSpecial 
award:Ian Campbell, Alexey Shulgin and  Mindaugas Gapsevicius (mi_ga@o-o.lt).c o n g r a t u l a t i o n 
s !!!!!PRIZESAll winners get TRASH THINGS, the festival's CD-Rom 
and CATALOGUE.The firsts: Frederic Madre, Igor Stromayer (intima) , Namniyas 
Ashuratova; and'specialy awarded' Ian Campbell, Alexey Shulgin and  
Mindaugas Gapsevicius - wontrip to Moscow for participation in the 
international symposium NewMediaLogia2 inJanuary 2000.All projects 
previously selected by juries will be included in theCD-Rom and the 
catalogue of the Trash-Art festival.Within the frame of the festival 
there was Trash-Art prizecompetition. The pity, no one idea seemed us really 
trashy, but someauthors displayed excellent trashy humor. Thank all 
participants.WHAT FARTHER?
The 'Trash-Art' site http://www.da-da-net.ru/TrashArt/ will 
continueto function as on-line gallery. There will be temporary exhibitions. 
Everyone can submit his net.art project. Selected works will be presented at the 
front page of the Trash-Art site. Exhibitions will be renewed every 2-3 months 
and their conceptions will be announced in advance. 
CALL FOR PAPERS!We are looking for trash 
articles, interviews, any other trash textswith trash thoughts about  
waste of cultural production,technology of their re-utilisation, how it can 
be applied in art, whatart forms appear from information garbage etc. We'd 
like to presentsome kind of trash-net-art-archaeology within the catalogue 
andCD. Send us your trash researches. Deadline for abstracts or themes - 
July 5. Deadline for materials - July 
20.Greetings,trash-istsAlexei Isaev - director of MediaArtLab, 
author of festival' project "Trash-Art", newart@aha.ruOlga Shishko - curator, shishko@transrs.ruTatiana Gorioutcheva 
- co-curator, coordinator, tangor@redline.ruMoscow MediaArtLab 
Chernyakhovskogo 4A125319 MoscowRussiatel.: 7 095 151 
8706tel./fax: 7 095 151 8816