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Dear Syndicalists!

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is currently in the process of setting up a
new post-graduate study program dealing with a broad spectrum of issues
around the theme of urbanism entitled *complEXcity*. This will be an
international and multidisciplinary program aimed especially at designers,
artists, architects and planners, but also open to other relevant fields of
experience such as sociology, political science, journalism etc. The
program will be running on a trimester cycle - i.e. three terms of ca. 3
months each across a 12 month period, beginning in September 1999. Each
trimester may be applied for individually, however it is expected - and
participants will be selected accordingly - to attend all three trimesters
of a given session. In general this program is aimed at those who have
already finished studies of some sort, and have been active in a
profession, trade or some practical *calling* for some years - and as such
is also not a traditional Masters program. 

Regular applications along with more information are available on the
bauhaus' newly revamped, (and still in cyber-infancy) web site at
<>. it essential that those interested in the program
use this form, and apply no later than the end of July 1999. 

The cost of each trimester is 3 000 DM, which does not include travel and
accomodation costs (although the bauhaus can provide low cost housing for

There is however at this time consideration being given to the granting of
a participation grant or stipendium aimed specifically at artists, with
preferance being given to those applying from central or eastern europe.
the details of this grant are still being worked on, and this announcement
is meant simply as an *early possibility warning*. basically the idea is to
waive the participation fee, and provide a grant of 9 000 DM (for the full
trimester program). This can be seen as a sort of artist in residency
program, connected to active participation in the *complEXcity* project. 

If you are interested in applying for the proposed stipendium, please
contact Ute Lenssen, bauhaus kolleg manager, at
<>. please send some biographical details,
and if possible, some convincing example of your work and a letter of
interest in being considered for the stipendium. it would be advisable to
also fill out the official application form to be found in
<> and send it in with your request. If you are
applying via this syndicate message, then please make a note of this. If
you have any questions to me with respect to this stuff, please use my
bauhaus address <>.

To snail mail your request and application, the address is:

bauhaus dessau foundation
c/o ute lenssen - bauhaus kolleg
gropiusallee 38 
d - 06846 dessau

with greetings to everybody, 

stephen kovats
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