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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

> I don't believe it is, i've heard this question time and time before, I
> know where it comes from. 
> and please cut this "frederic" schtick: we're on a public mailing list.

Ok, Fred (or what, since we're on a public mailing list, should I 
call you? "Mr Madre"? But that's too condescending! Or "Frederic 
Madre"). Ok, Frederic Madre. You clearly don't find it indicative of 
anything particularily relevant that you don't choose to answer the 
simple question. But I do find it directly relevant. Why? Because the 
only other possible answer to question of what Serbia was doing to 
almost two million people in Kosovo was: Yes, let that happen to 
them. They brought it on themselves. 

Your answer, I guess. But please feel free to not read anything else 
I write, Frederic Madre, since you find it so annoying. It's one of 
the glories of the medium. (I'll still read you, though, if you don't 
mind; you don't bug me so much as you fascinate me. Why? Because a 
long time ago, I used to wonder how it could have happened, *all 
that* -- European history, I mean. 20th Century European history. But 
you help me, to know. Thanks!)

>I wish you'd stop, michael.

Directions: Alt + F4. A variation of "shut up, he explained".



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