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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility


> one sure thing, even if it does get better it will not validate the NATO
> bombings which is a downright shame on humanity. violence for the sake of
> demonstration of power.

If ever I've been in an unaccustomed place in the last few 
months, it's been in that cold and disgusting place where use of 
Western military power was actually -- *shudder* -- justified. But I 
found myself, after a decade of living uncomfortably close to the 
bloody disaster of the Wars for Greater Serbia -- a war that a 
majority of the inhabitants of Serbia proper seemed to be entirely 
unaware was happening at all -- with no other choice. Because nobody, 
I mean nobody, else could come to the aid of yet more victims of yet 
another ethnic cleansing campaign. Designed exclusively to further 
cement Slobodan Milosevic's vampiric grip on the neck of Serbia.

The miracle is that they actually *did.* You can bet that the people 
of the Republic of Bosnia -- you know, the with Sarajevo as 
its capital -- are blinking in a kind of regretful, disgusted 
astonishment. Have you heard of Sarajevo, Frederic?

So tell me, Frederic, what would you have had happen? Nothing, I 
suppose? Or would you have suggested something original, like -- more 
negotiations? While 500,000 people starved in the hills? And another 
100,000 lived in camps? And all the military-age men were tortured to 

It's an honest question.

Michael Benson  <michael.benson@pristop.si>
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