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Syndicate: Objectiveness


When you write stuff that get's placed on the web, it's important to
keep in mind how that material will be used and for whose purposes. If
you're gon'na be publishing stuff about war in .yu, please read this
Peace groups from .yu tend to either overcriticise .yu government
(something which was greatly supported by US based funding of peace
org's during the last 8 years - there is no other way to get funding in
a land of poverty) and forget to do the same about NATO, or the other
way around (either due to .yu.gov giving them social positions or due
to "patriotism").
Keep in mind that there are only two power(money) centres in .yu
 One is .yu.gov, which controls economy, allowing only their own to get
rich while everybody else gets progresively poorer. 
The other are US-based foreign foundations, primarily Soros and USAID,
which resemble Milosevic's gang a great deal by goals, although not by
image and methods.
Here, you can work for one of them, but then you're not allowed to
critisize your funders, or you can work for no one and be very poor.
 Also, a lot of NATO country activists concentrate solely on criticism
of US/NATO policy, while forgeting to mention Milosevic as the ruthless
dictator he is.
I've even found a text on the syndicate web site 
<I can't remember the title> saying that less than 35% people who were
polled in Thessaloniki thought that Milosevic should be tried for war
crimes. The message was in a positive context, following other results
of the same pole, by which 99,5% were against NATO war in Serbia. I
must remind you that the .yu army order for at least two regular units
I've heard of was that 30% Albanians should survive military actions in
Kosovo and Metohija. Pristina is a city whith almost no population and
most of Kosovo likewise. The "ethnic cleansing" (combination of
genocide and forced relocations of people) was a thing that was braged
about for days at the "peace concerts" in downtown Belgrade. Everyone's
mouths were full of stories about "how WE fu*ked the Shqiptars", "how
WE slaughtered THEM", of destroyed villages, etc. Those were the same
concerts that at least some musicians were ordered to attend under
threat that the production houses (all gov controlled) would erase all
their master records/CD's if they didn't. I believe this was regular
procedure, but could not call up every musician in Belgrade to veryfy.
Likewise, many people who live near bridges in Belgrade were ordered to
come to the "Spontaneous rally's to save Our bridges" (which were
announced and shown Live by Radio-Television of Serbia), under threat
of loosing their jobs. 
Ok, I know most people at syndicate see it objectively, but think what
Milosevic's propaganda machine would do if they found out that a
syndicate activist gave a positive connotation to a pole in which over
65% people in Thessaloniki thought Milosevic shouldn't be tried for war
crimes at all.
Milosevic's propaganda here often uses antiwar protests there to show
the people in Serbia that everyone there supports the cause of
Serbia(=Milosevic). They've used peace protests in Italy to "prove"
that all independent media in Serbia are liars and "soros's
mercenaries"(both claims are true in some cases).
They say that "thousands of people are marching every day in support of
Serbia's struggle"
They also make web sites of non-existent organizations which critise
NATO in a way similar to that of the article I've read at tha syndicate
When you write a criticism of NATO, please, at least mention Milosevic,
vice versa, or your txt's can become subject to heavy
Just be careful what you write, cause it can be misused or
misinterpreted in many ways.

Mihajlo Acimovic

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