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Re: Syndicate: PR games on WW2 in foreign YU, key for?

--- Darko Fritz <dfritz@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Public Relation games on World War 2 in foreign
> Yugoslavia, key for ?

> > in Yugoslavia they (gypsies) were allies of the dominant
> Serbs in their conflicts
> > with Catholic Croats, Muslim Bosnians and now
> Kosovars. 
--It's true that many gypsies have fought on the "Serbian"
(Milosevic's) side in recent wars, but it's important to keep in mind
that gypsies are greatly despised by most 'serbs' and Milosevic's
propaganda machinery has often published (in nationalist books, movies,
etc.) that many gypsies had fought on the side of Austro-Hungaria in
WWI and they are often described as the worst part of the aus-hun army
which burt villages and slaughtered populations (at the end of WWI,
Serbia had only two thirds left of it's pre-war population). they also
often mention croats and muslims in similar terms. Chechs are usualy
depicted as people who don't want to fight for aus-hun and surrender at
the first chance they get.

  Much of the
> > animosity dates back to the Second World War. 
   True, but, most of the animosity dates back to     the 1980's. The
war served but one thing - to allow unlimited stealing for thieves and
unlimited power for dictators. When they realised that, they used the
nationalist sentiments in people and promoted the rhetorics of war
whenever they could. the war was supported both by thieves and robbers
(which are many in .yu) which have performed constant violent actions,
especially in the late 80's against members of other nations. this,
together whith growing hate speach and war rethoric on TV, had created
a climate in which members of each ethnic group felt that almost
everybody in the other ethnic group is a militant nationalist. Football
fans were allowed unlimited violence on homeground whith unselective
repression following (not preventing) outbursts of violence, which
became more and more ethnically centered. The police trained them for
purposeless violence. Many of them were later recruited for
paramilitary formations which did a bulk of the warcrimes (it was so in
.cr, .ba and .yu).  

  fascist 'big
> croatia' state which than including part of bosnia
> and herzegovina.
--Big croatia included all of .ba and some other lands.

> in beginning of new bosnian war bosnian croats and
> muslims together
> fight against bosnian and imported serbs. later they
> start to fight each
> other as well, forming 'PR messy' three party war.
> (strangely enough
> both parties have unofficial british officers for
> military education
> first)

--They also recieved maximum military aid from USA on credit
> as example of new pro-serbian propaganda is
> kusturica's movie
> 'underground'. among other images there is the
> 'portrait' of WW2 croatia
> is 5 seconds. it is a shot of croatians waving
> welcome to germans, and
> nothing else.

-- I don't know how croats see it, but few people in Serbia sees it as
anti-croat or pro-serbian propaganda

> now is kosovo war. serbs attack once more
> time, 
--They do, but so does KLA and NATO

 serbs don¹t
> communicate with kosovo albanians at *any*
> intelectual or human level
> and vice versa for *few centuries*. there is not
> mixed families over
> there. 
--There are mixed families in Prishtina. I know of two myself. These
families are rare. There was communication between Serbs and Albanians,
while there were Albanians in Prishtina(until march/april this
year.)Only a few Albanians, almost all from Prishtina had dared to
speak against albanian nationalism. The public opinion there was
heavily nationalist, promoting mistrust whith all non-albanians, and
especially Serbs. Many albanian"peace groups" from kosovo would work
whith serbs elsewhere, providing it wasn't heard of in Kosovo. If your
neighbors found out that you were doing anything whith serbs, they
would stop talking to you. Serbia on the other hand had a peace
movement, but this couldn't stop the war without a counterpart in
Kosovo and the albanian position was that police violence should be
stopped and the KLA violence was never mentioned. I can send you more
on attempts of establishing cooperation of serbian and albanian peace

culture in
> serbia is runned by
> serbs after turks left.
--Culture in Serbia has been run by communist party   since 1945. Since
1988, it was taken over by Milosevic's group. They tolerate/support all
culture that wasn't made by "enemy nations" or groups/people that
oppose Milosevic. 

> all i know that kosovo
> albanians are weak in this
That's true, mainly because of dreadful choise of leadership and strategy.
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