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Syndicate: UG FIA and Workshop, Banja Luka

[general info and a call for designers]

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 22:54:56 +0200
From: atv <>
Organization: Alternativna Televizija Banjaluka
Subject: Workshop, Banja Luka


UG FIA is an art group from Belgrade established in late 80-ties. So far we
had more then 50 exhibitions all around the world, some of our works are
exhibited in New York Museum of Contemporary Art. We have produced 7
artistic calendars for years 1993-1999 (NEMOGUCE, L'IMPOSSIBLE, LA VIE
have many other projects - e-zines, performances, video art, etc.

NGO WORKSHOP is recently established organization. (Our first, and so far
the only, realised project was - Banja Luka night in Roxy club in Prague on
May 4, 1999, that contained a premiere of a documentary film about Banja
Luka, concert of a rock band from Banja Luka and an exhibition of BL
photographers). Our main task is to establish relationships between Bosnian
and other European artists, and to put city of Banja Luka on a cultural map
of Europe, meaning that we would like to bring artists from European
countries to present their work in Bosnia and to get Bosnian artists to
perform/exhibit in Europe. Idea is to make a multimedia cultural center
here in BL that would gather local artists and provide them with equipment,
contacts, etc. needed for their work and presentation of their work, and
also to get foreign artists to perform/exhibit here, to meet local artists
and finally to try to organize joint projects. We are still in a process of
finding a proper place for our cultural center. In doing that we have help
from Dutch organization C.R.A.S.H. (they provided a grant in equipment
needed for launching the club (P/A system, lighting, furniture, etc.) +
Revajvl Center from Prague (our partners for establishing of a cultural

One of projects conceived by ug FIA and Workshop is a project called


The basic idea is to make a calendar for year 2000 with 12 different
artists (graphic designers) from 12 different european countries designing
one month of a calendar. Significance of a year 2000 is obvious (new
millenium, etc), but Europe (as things stand at this moment) is entering
new millenium with war on a part of its territory, and whole 20th century
was history of world and other minor clashes, cold war, etc. With this
project we would like to enter new millenium with cross-european joint
project showing that all our differencies can be used in making a common
thing/object. (every designer should creatively play with some
national/traditional symbol (not official simbol like flag but sth
traditional) of his home country, sth that can be easily recognised as
coming from France, Austria, Bosnia, etc.). The final product will be an
allEuropean calendar for year 2000 and new millenium.

This is still a rough idea that needs to be polished. And we definitely
need all the help we can get. So far, we have confirmation of artists from
Bosnia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Austria and Czech republic to
participate in this project. We need six more (not from mentioned countries
of course). The calendar should be printed in Bosnia (as a sign of its
recovery after the war on its territory).

If you are interested in participating in this project, please, get in touch.

All the best,

Slobodan Tabakovic
Nada Rajicic

atv <>

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