Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 9 Jun 1999 09:27:44 +0100

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Syndicate: New Media Culture in Europe - London book launch

New Media Culture in Europe

Book Launch, 21 June 1999 RIBA - 7.00 pm

The Arts Council of England cordially invites you to celebrate the UK
launch of the book, "New Media Culture in Europe".  The launch will take
place at RIBA Architecture Gallery, 66 Portland Place, London W1N.

New Media Culture in Europe is a sourcebook of texts about new electronic
and network media technologies in a cultural and social context.  It
provides a snapshot of activities and ideas in this highly significant area
of cultural practice at a seminal moment of its development.  The book
includes the Hybrid Media Lounge Database on CD-ROM. The book is a
Anglo/Dutch collaboration, published by De Balie and the Virtual Platform
in Amsterdam, supported by the the Ministry of Education, Culture and
Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands and the Arts
Council of England.

The launch will be attended by Aidan Stradling from the Department of
Media, Culture and Sport in the UK and Marlou Thijssen, Advisor for Visual
Arts and New Media, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the
Netherlands together with a number of contributing writers and artists.

The launch will take place in Gallery 1 at RIBA with the spectacular
backdrop of the "Inflatable Moment - Pneumatics and Protest in 1968"

RSVP essential to Jemma Gascoine-Becker, Arts Council of England, 0171 973
6573,, by 17th June, latest.

Yours sincerely,

Bronac Ferran
Arts Council of England
New Media Culture in Europe can be ordered in the UK from:  ArtData 0181
747 1061

[abroeck adds:]

for further information about the book, please check:

the book is also available through international mail order from
the V2_Shop <> URL:

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