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Syndicate: After the Wall - Venice press conferen

Venice Biennale, 10.06. 1999 at 14.00 in the Nordic Pavilion
AFTER THE WALL - Art and Culture in post-Communist Europe
International Press Conference

AFTER THE WALL - Art and Culture in post-Communist Europe
Place: Moderna Museet, Stockholm - with subsequent tour
Date of the exhibition in Stockholm: 16 October 1999 till 16 January 2000.
Press opening: Moderna Museet, Thursday, 14. October 1999
International symposium: 15 and 16 October
Chief curator: Bojana Pejic (Berlin) in cooperation with David Elliott,
Director of Moderna Museet and
Iris Müller-Westermann, curator of Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

AFTER THE WALL is a project consisting of an exhibition, performance, video
and film program, a symposium and an extencive book/catalogue.

The exhibition comprises some 120 artworks made by 140 artists and groups.
It will present a survay of individual artistic attitudes along with an
examination of the issues with which the art generation active in the 1990s
have been engaged throughout the region. The aim of the project is not to
reinstate or perpetuate an idea of the "other Europe but to create a
discourse in images and words which reflects the complexities and variety
which may be found within individual artists'  works. The exhibition
icludes painting, sculpture, viddeo, photography, film and installation
work made during the last decade as well as a number of specially
commitioned projects.
 AFTER THE WALL shows  artworks, performances, videos and films produced by
the artists coming from 22 countries: Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czeck Republc, Estonia, Georgia, Germany,
Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and FR Yugoslavia.

Bojana Pejic, Berlin, June 5, 1999.

Bojana Pejic
Phone/Fax: (+49) 30-787 52 90

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