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Syndicate: The EMF / Leonardo Guide to the World

Subject: BOUNCE syndicate: Non-member submission from [Electronic Music
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June 3, 1999
Important events and people in electronic music, new music, media arts ...

The EMF / Leonardo Guide to the World
Electronic Music Foundation

Having trouble deciding what to do this summer? Well, here's a sampling of
summer events that are listed in The World Wide Calendar, including
workshops, conferences, concerts, media events, festivals ... and other
activities of interest.

But, to say it again, it's a sampling. And it's a summary. To see the whole
thing, the big picture and the detail, and not only this summer but also
fall and winter and next year, go to:

=> Look now!
=> Events in and around New York City
=> Events around the world
=> Conferences and Symposia
=> Workshops

=> Listing your events
=> About our email lists
=> On or off this list

Look now!

*Dana Atchley's 'Next Exit' is an interactive theatrical performance
created and presented by Atchley who, sitting on a log next to a digital
campfire and drawing from a virtual suitcase of seventy stories, creates a
unique selection for each audience. This is hi tech story-telling. It's
also a benefit performance for ASCI (Art Science Collaborations, Inc),
sponsored by INTEL. At The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York City.
Last performance this week! Act fast.

*Theremin Fest '99, in Portland, Maine, August 14 - 20, will include
concerts with theremin and ondes martenot, films, and a lecture-demo
symposium for the general public. A limited number of spaces are available
for enrollment in the week-long Theremin Summer Institute, providing
private lessons and master classes with Lydia Kavina, Peter Pringle and
Charlie Lester, as well as technical and historical instruction from Robert
Moog and Albert V. Glinsky. If you're interested in attending the
Institute, say so now. The deadline is June 4.

*Summer Media Institute / Techne and Eros: Human Sensory Space and the
Machine, in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA), July 5 - August 14, will include
six separate, one-week workshops conducted by six major figures in the
media arts and sciences: Joan La Barbara, Steina Vasulka, Morton Subotnick,
David Dunn, Woody Vasulka, and physicist Jim Crutchfield. The essential
issue for each workshop is the interaction between humans, machines, and
the physical spaces they occupy. Techne and Eros is directed toward
participants already involved in electronic media as art, preferably
practicing artists who are interested in further exploring the relationship
between art and science, music and performance. Deadline coming up. And
note that there are some scholarships available.

In and around New York City

*The Albany Improvisation Laboratory, in Albany, upstate New York, on
Friday, June 4, presents William Parker and Alan Silva, well-known modern
jazz musicians, at The Loft.

*Deep Listening Space, in Kingston, upstate New York, at various times in
June, presents Jeffrey Kowalkowski and Marko Ciciliani, Peter Blum and
Pauline Oliveros, and many other events.

*Harvestworks, in New York City, June 7, hosts a presentation of newly
commissioned works for the Turbulence website, featuring works by artists
Zoe Beloff, Jesse Gilbert, Friederike Paetzold, and Neil Zusman. Turbulence
facilitates artistic work that explores the specific characteristics of the
World Wide Web and makes use of multimedia and online technologies.

*The Lincoln Center Festival 99, at Lincoln Center and other locations in
New York City from July 7 - 25, plays host this year to The New York Video
Festival. The programs also include a major Merce Cunningham retrospective,
several Steve Reich concerts, the Brian Friel Festival (theater), other new
art events, and, although one wonders why, performances of Beethoven and

Around the world

*In Paris, continuing through June 26, GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales)
presents the Concerts Multiphonies. There are many composers involved, but
the featured performer is the Acousmonium, an extraordinary orchestra of

*The 29th Festival Synthese continues through June 6 with concerts of
electronic music throughout Bourges, a lovely city in the middle of France.

*Musicascienza '99: Word versus Sound, presented by Centro Ricerche
Musicali in Rome, Italy, June 1 - 9, includes performances, presentations,
and discussions of various materials relating to Varese and Le Corbusier
and their presentation of Poeme Electronique at the Philips Pavilion in
1958, as well as media art, concerts by Ensemble Quadrivium Percussione
Ricerca and Cima Chamber Choir, and music by Daniel Teruggi, Bruno Spoerri,
Denis Smalley, Jonty Harrison, Alvin Curran, Rainer Boesch, Laura
Bianchini, Domenico Guaccero, and many many others.

*Agora '99, presented by IRCAM at various places in Paris (among them
IRCAM, Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, and Porte Saint-Eustache), June 7 - 27,
is a major Paris festival with three weeks of concerts, theater, films,
opera, dance, jazz, and other events. More, for two days in the middle of
the festival, IRCAM opens its doors to visitors, providing demonstrations
of the latest research, visits to studios, and meetings with the people
that work there. Yet more, the IRCAM Summer Academy (see below) takes place
within the festival.

*Immersion, in Melbourne, Australia, June 11 - 13, is a series of concerts
and encounters featuring music and discussion by composers and sound
artists who are working with sound in space.

*The 1999 Vienna Modern Masters 4th International Festival of New Music for
Orchestra, in Olomouc, Czech Republic, June 15 - 27, will feature the
excellent Moravian Philharmonic and conductors Toshiyuki Shimada, Music
Director of the Portland Symphony (Maine, USA) and Jiri Mikula, Principal
Guest Conductor of the Moravian Philharmonic.

*Time of Music Festival, in Viitasaari, Finland, July 8 - 14, includes 17
concerts, open air happenings, a jazz club, and other happenings, with
guest composer Theo Loevendie (Netherlands), many performance groups, and a
nightly jazz club.

Conferences and symposia

*New Music Technology 1999, in Osnabrueck, Germany, June 9 - 13, is an
international conference and festival focusing on the global village and
global music. Participants include Joel Chadabe (USA), Simon Emmerson
(England), Karlheinz Essl (Austria), John Ffitch (England), Hans-Peter
Haller (Germany), Eric Lyon (USA), John Palmer (England), Joran Rudi
(Norway), Andre Ruschkowski (Germany), Joachim Stange-Elbe (Germany), Barry
Truax (Canada), Rodney Waschka II (USA), Hildegard Westerkamp (Canada), Ian
Whalley (New Zealand), Iannis Zannos (Germany), and many others from around
the world.

*Imaginary Space, the 7th Annual Conference of the Australasian Computer
Music Association, will happen at Victoria University of Wellington, New
Zealand, July 7 - 10. "Computer music has dramatically altered the way we
conceive the relationship between the outer world of experience and the
creative, inventive world of the composer. The theme of this conference is
this IMAGINARY SPACE where the realistic and the abstract are reinvented
... "

*The Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio and the Austrian
Society for Electroacoustic Music invite composers from all over the world
to a meeting at Nadasdy Castle in Sarvar, Hungary, about 200 km from
Budapest and Vienna, from July 25 - 31. Music will be performed in the

*The 6th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, in Rio de Janeiro from July
19 - 22, will include papers, music, and lectures on topics at the cutting
edge of computer music technology, and, not so incidentally, provide an
excellent opportunity to visit Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful
cities in the world.

*Siggraph 99, at the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 8 - 13, is
the most important international conference on computer graphics and
interactive techniques. In addition to panels and papers, programs and
activities include: the technOasis Art Gallery, a computer animation
festival, courses, a Creative Applications Lab, the Electronic Schoolhouse
Educators Program, and an exhibition

*Invencao, in Sao Paolo, Brazil, August 25 - 29, is a symposium and
conference on technology and the arts sponsored by Instituto ITAU Cultural
in Sao Paolo (Brazil) in collaboration with CAiiA-STAR, ISEA (Inter-Society
for the Electronic Arts), and Leonardo. It will be (we quote from the
mission statement) "an opportunity for those working at the creative edge
of the arts, sciences and technology to collaborate in the
transdisciplinary development of ideas and innovative strategies for life
in the next millenium ... "


The following is a partial listing of summer workshops that includes only
those that, to our knowledge, are still accepting applications or that
allow visitors. For a complete listing, visit:

*Harvestworks may be just the place for you if you're in New York City and
looking for a short, hands on, and practical  course that will teach you to
design web pages, edit digital photographs, program in Java, do audio for
film and video, use Photoshop, in short, acquire technical skills, use a
lot of high tech software, and turn knobs. Check for schedules.

*IRCAM's 7th Summer Academy, in Paris from June 16 - 24, is an intensive
program of composition and computer music, classes, lectures, workshops,
concerts, and performances, with a focus on interaction with electronics
and computers. The lectures and workshops will be conducted by Philippe
Manoury, Kaija Saariaho, Salvatore Sciarrino, and the IRCAM scientific team.

*The Kitchen Summer Insitute, in New York City from June 20 - July 10, is a
working lab for students, ages 18 and up, interested in all aspects of the
creation of multi-media work.

*The 14th Summer Radio Art University, in Arles, France, July 5 - 18, will
combine workshops, special web and radio broadcasts, lectures, and
meetings, and for the first time it will be linked with the first Academie
for Multimedia Art. One result will be the publication of sound art achives
on CD (Pierre Schaeffer, Yann ParanthoÃ?n, Jean Cocteau, Orson Welles, and
others) and the formation of international collections of sound art.

*Max/MSP Night School, in Berkeley, California, from July 12 - 16, is an
intensive week of evening classes that features instruction in Max/MSP
programming by its developer David Zicarelli and a cast of highly
experienced Max/MSP programmers.


*Berklee Music Production Workshop, in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), July 16
- 18, is a weekend of intensive workshops covering many facets of current
music production technology.


*The 8th Annual Deep Listening Retreat will happen July 18 - 23 (beginners)
and July 25 - 30 (advanced) at the Rose Mountain Retreat Center in the
Sangre de Christo Mountains of New Mexico, with Pauline Oliveros
(composer), Heloise Gold (T'ai Chi, Taoist, and creative movement
specialist), and Ione (writer, psychotherapist).

Listing your events

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