Geneva J. Anderson on Thu, 3 Jun 1999 11:22:11 -0700

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Syndicate: Venice Biennial Publications

Dear Venice Biennial participants,
thanks for your recent postings regarding 
activities, so forth in Venice. 
For those of us not attending the Biennial 
press functions, 
or even the Biennial itself, will you 
please also post how we
can obtain copies of your catalogs, so forth.
So far, we've had announcements from
Nedko Solakov
Nebojsa Vilic 
and no one has mentioned this, yet some of you
mention that your catalogs are in limited supply.
I've just today tried to contact you all separately but 
there may be others too who desire these 
thanks for reposting and including this 
who to contact; price; how to pay
looking forward,
Geneva Anderson