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Syndicate: Fwd: Fw: [GP] Greek Greenpeace Grivas resigns - condemns NATO's Ecological Disaster

>> This is a very interesting opinion piece from Greece, which challenges
>> environmentalists to oppose the bombing of the former Yugoslavia, and
>> I hope will further the debate about the war on this list.
>> >>>
>> >>> Kleanthis Grivas is a Greek psychiatrist and a leading social
>> >>>>He is considered a prominent spokesperson of the libertarian left in
>> >>>Greece and has written articles in the Greek press about minority
>> >>>rights, the media, drug policy etc. He was until his recent
>> >>>for reasons described below, a member of the board of directors of the
>> >>>Greek chapter of Greenpeace. This letter was first published in the
>> >>>Greek daily "Eleftherotypia" in the beginning of May 1999, but it seems
>> >>>to me that it remains interesting.
>> >>>
>> >>>                                  "Neutrality" equals complicity
>> >>>                                  by Kleanthis Grivas, psychiatrist
>> >>>
>> >>>I would like hereby to publicly dissociate my position and announce
>> >>>I resign from the Board of Directors of the Greek chapter of
>> >>> because during the past 40 days it has failed to adopt a unequivocal
>> >>>position, that would condemn, name and point a finger at
>> >>>the perpetrators of the gangster-like aggression against Yugoslavia by
>> >>>the "gang of 19", an aggression that began on March 24 and, under the
>> >>>pretext of "preventing a humanitarian disaster" (by the Milosevic
>> >>>regime), has provoked and is still provoking.
>> >>>a) an immense human tragedy, that affects both Serbs and Albanians
>> >>>b) an immeasurable ecological disaster that affects the Balkans and the
>> >>>whole of Europe, and
>> >>>c) an (emergent) realignment of borders and geopolitical equilibria
>> >>>affects all Balkan countries, including, of course, Greece..
>> >>>
>> >>> Having lived in Belgrade during 20 of the 40 days that Yugoslavia is
>> >>>being bombed by the mutant humanoids of the "gang of 19" (Clinton,
>> >>>Blair, Cook, Schroeder, Fischer, Chirac, D' Alema, Simitis, Clark,
>> >>>Solana, Cohn-Bendit and the rest of the humanoid "Dollies" such as the
>> >>>prime ministers, foreign ministers and "defence" ministers of the
>> >>>countries that participate in this great carnage), I am thoroughly
>> >>>convinced that, under these circumstances, neutrality equals
>> >>>
>> >>> Acceptance of the pretext used by the "gang of 19" in Yugoslavia means
>> >>>joining the camp of the executioner, regardless of whether this is done
>> >>>out of ignorance about the material incentives and goals that
>> >>>lie hidden behind any such "crusades", out of naivety or out of
>> >>>self-interest.
>> >>> As a thinking man, I know that the sole reason for mobilizing the
>> >>>greatest military machine in the world has always been and still is the
>> >>>preservation and reproduction of an international framework that
>> >>>guarantees the criminal exploitation of the planet by the American
>> >>>Empire and allows the USA, with 5% of the global population, to
>> >>>appropriate and to consume each year 50% of the global raw materials
>> >>>that are necessary for maintaining the present way of life.
>> >>> Greenpeace cannot concern itself solely with tomatoes, gherkins,
>> >>>turtles, seals and whales and limit itself to broad condemnations of
>> >>>ecological disasters without condemning the culprits precisely.
>> >>>
>> David.
>> David Wood
>> PhD Student ('The Rural Peace Dividend')
>> Department of Agricultural Economics and Food Marketing
>> University of Newcastle upon Tyne
>> NE1 7RU
>> 0191 222 5305
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