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Donderdag 3 Juni 1999 - De Balie
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 15:30:37 +0100
From: IDFA/Balie <>


Previously unshown video footage from the Balkans, as ground for a
discussion about public opinion and responsibility.

This Thursday 3 June the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam,
in collaboration with de Balie, will organise a discussion about war, the
media and responsibility.

Every day, all television channels report on the current conflict on the
Balkans: streams of refugees from Kosovo, bombings of Serbian targets,
politicians looking for a diplomatic solution, press conferences by NATO
Editors have to choose from all the available material on the subject: what
will I show and will I not show, which story am I going to tell?
Apart from the footage that journalists and editors have, there is also
material that is not produced by their own networks: home videos and
illegally shot footage, for example. For the greater part, this material is
not shown, although it could be a significant supplement to the customary

This footage will be shown this Thursday: images from different parts of
Yugoslavia, filmed by people who live there, in places that are
inaccessible to Western journalists. Images of the destruction, the people
in their villages, their struggle for survival. Personal stories, not for
the purpose of a news programme or the pursuit of high viewer ratings, not
serving the propaganda machines on both sides. Accounts by the third party
in the conflict: the civilians.

With reference to the video footage, journalists and politicians will talk
about choices, manipulation, public opinion and responsibility in the
reports on the Balkan conflict.

Do people in the Netherlands feel that their country is at war? How far
does their involvement and sense of responsibility stretch? Do people in
Belgrade see the Dutch as their enemies, as the people who are bombing
them? To what extent are these feelings induced by the reports on
television, radio and in newspapers? And what then is the responsibility of
the makers?

"Think with your head instead of with your television set!!"
Marija D., 22, student of international law, Belgrade

Chairman: Yoeri Albrecht
Guests: Nick Fraser (BBC), Jo van der Spek (free-lance journalist) a.o.
language: English

Thursday 3 June
start: 20:30, admission fl 10,00 / fl 7,50
reservations: 020-5535100, from 14.00, box office open 17.00
de Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam

for more information: 020-6273329

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