Katrin Kivimaa on Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:09:59 +0200

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Syndicate: protests in brussel

dear all,
some direct info about what happened in brussel 
katrin k.

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Date: Wed, Apr 28, 1999  2:52 PM
Subject: Re: protests

dears, sooo little time to write, 
and i'm really sorry i didn't get to write to the list what happened
last time with the Women in Black solidarity demonstration ('War is a
problem, not a solution') at the NATO-headquarters in Brussels
in a nutshell: we all got arrested (and spend the day behind bars)
before the peaceful demonstration could start, arrested on the charge
'intention to demonstrate'. you have to understand: there was a
probition on demonstrations in Brussels, especially at the NATO-HQ. 
a left-wing organisation took this to the high court, and the high
ruled that the probition on demonstrating was against the Belgian
or a(nother) story of NATO crushing local democracy. 

anyway, all the more reason to go to the anti-war demonstration in
this Sunday (it will not be at the NATO-headquaters anyway):
to defend and to strenghen local democracy. 

so see you Mara (how shall i recognise you???) and others on Sunday in

lots of love,

*** there is no power without resistance (free after Foucault...)***

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