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Syndicate: Job Opportunity at the Lux, London

The Lux Centre is seeking a  HEAD OF PRODUCTION FACILITIES (circa 20K)

Opened with Lottery funds in 1997, The Lux is Britain's leading,
international centre for independent film, video and digital arts,
delivering a vibrant exhibition programme, housing a unique archive of
artists' film and video and providing unrivalled resources for production,
distribution and education.

In order to complete our staff appointments we are seeking a dynamic,
creative and dedicated individual to fill the post of HEAD OF PRODUCTION
FACILITIES. The post's objective is to manage Lux's excellent film, video
and digital technical facilities and develop our high profile artists'
production and commissioning activities.

Candidates should have comprehensive knowledge of film, video and digital
technologies, strong managerial skills and a commitment to artists' film,
video and digital art.

For a full application pack please write or e-mail to:

Michael Maziere
The Lux Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU


The Lux Centre
Centre for Film, Video and Digital Arts
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU

Tel: 44(0)171 684 0101
Fax: 44(0)171 684 1111

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