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Syndicate: America Latina - PARLAMENTO DE LAS ARTE

from: carlais@hoy.net (carlais)


1.- My name is Damian Toro, and I am the "project coordinator" of "Artistas

Artistas Independientes, or Independent Artists, is a organization that
will work with art, culture and education, for the development of Latin
American society.

We think that is time to talk between everyone, and make, create and
organize projects for the development of education.
Because in countries like the USA, and in places like Europe, the
experiences with technologie, education and art, are very different from
ours, we will create a forum for a discussion touching this topics.

2.- In August of this year, we are organizing the first PARLAMENT FOR THE
ARTS, that will take place in Quito.
For this event we are inviting artists, theorics, critics, philosophers,
antropoligists, sociologists and politicians, to talk about THE CULTURAL

3.- The forum will be on the internet in the next months.

4.- An invitation for the Parlament for the Arts, that is not an internet
project we are asking to coming to Ecuador, from people like you. because
we think, you can give as another point of view, about our culture and yours.
For this project we have the sponsorship of the Brazilian Embassy in Quito.

For more details, replay this e-mail.
We will send you the themes that will be touched, the dates for all the
debates, etc.

We will answer all the questions you have.

Best regards,

Damian Toro
Project Coordinator

Telefax: 593-2-898-289 / 897-972
Phone number: 897-970

Quito - Ecuador -

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