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Syndicate: ECX residency programm

dear syndicalists, 

please find enclosed the draft of the ECX residency programm worked out by
the BORDERS group at the recent Budapest Syndicate meeting. There are
numerous efforts on various fronts being undertaken to deal with the
technical and bureacratic aspects of getting the programme underway, and
for now i think it is especially important to pin down specific
institutional support (i.e. residency spaces and possibilities) for
prospective candidates. Please also send comments and suggestions with
respect to both the programme and its implementation.

greetings, on behalf of the ex-BORDERS group, 

stephen kovats


ECX - european cultural Xchange                  the european cultural
protection programme


The ECX is a programme intended to provide selected artists, academics,
curators, journalists and related cultural practitioners from the European
conflict regions with an opportunity  to continue their work in an open and
secure environment. The military and political circumstances in, for
example, Yugoslavia, has forced those individuals who were actively engaged
in alternative and open cultural, artistic and political production to
radically curtail their activity for fear of prosecution and harassment,
endangering not only themselves, but also their families, friends and
relatives. Under the auspices of host cultural and artistic organisations
Europe and beyond, the ECX will act as a guarantor of continued cultural
intellectual activity during and after the times of conflict.


In the framework of the ECX programme, internationally recognised cultural
institutions will offer residency places to artists and other cultural
practitioners threatened by conflict, inviting them to work on specific
projects in a context of increased personal security and guaranteed freedom
of expression.


The ECX will engage to actively support projects which: 

- foster and maintain open forms of artistic and cultural expression
considered under direct threat
- act to further European integration and preservation of cross-cultural
multi-ethnic dialogue
- engage the experience and knowhow of artists from crisis areas to develop
ongoing cultural cooperation in Europe
- enable the re-establishment of basic civil, political and cultural
structures upon the cessation of conflict in the region


The ECX will establish a framework to provide technical assistance, day to
day support, and a social space to allow networking with local artists,
curators and academics as well as with the public at large. This is
considered as a fundamental function of the programme, leading to genuine
working connections among European and international artists, cultural
practitioners and media organisations.

As such ECX will provide:

- travel expenses to the host organisation
- lodging during the residency period
- insurance, visa and general administrative support (which will also be
supported politically and practically by the European Cultural Backbone)
- per diem
- working space, access to technical equipment, technical and conceptual
support, production and presentation opportunities

Official Regulations 

Applications are processed by the host organisations. There is no age limit
for participating in the ECX programme. Knowledge of English or the
language of the host country is preferable. 

Selections will be made by the hosting organisations on the basis of their
technical and organisational possibilities and the suitability of the
project to the host organisation s work in accordance with the ECX s stated
aims. Residency limits, per diems and the scope of cooperation and support
will be established on a case by case basis.

Potential Supporting Institutions and Sponsors 

De Balie (NL), cybeRex (YU), FACT (UK), Glass Palace Media Centre (FI),
Studio/WRO Foundation (PL), Steim (NL), Terravista (PT), C3 Center for
Culture & Communication (HU), E-lab (LV), Ljudmila (SI), ARTEC (UK),
for Old and New Media/De Waag (NL), Ars Electronica Center (AT), CRAC (SE),
V2 Organisatie (NL), Public Netbase t0 (AT), Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau (D),
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts - Intermedia Department (HU),
Werkleitzgesellschaft (D), Hull Time Based Arts (UK), Volksbuehne Berlin
(D), Modern Institute (UK), ZKM (D), ICA-D (H), Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (D),
Arthouse Dublin (I), muu (FIN), Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts Skopje
(MK), Rote Fabrik Zurich (CH), Medienhilfe Ex-Yugoslawien Zurich (CH),
Centre for Metamedia Plaszny (PL), E-Media Centre Tallinn (EE), Miro
Foundation Barcelona (S), Offenes Kulturhaus (A), Press Now (NL), XS4All
(NL), Forum Stadtpark (A), Kulturkontakt (D), Council of Europe (B), Banff
Centre for the Arts (CAN), MedienwerkstATT Wien (AT), WUK (WIEN),  

The ECX will be coordinated by the European Cultural Backbone, a coalition
of media cultural institutions in Europe. For further information, please,
contact  Andreas Broeckmann, V2_ Rotterdam, 
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