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Syndicate: onedotzero3: digital moving image festival, London

"... about as close to the future as you'll get"
Guardian Guide

onedotzero3: festival information

digital moving image festival in association with film four
april 30-may 9, 1999 @ institute of contemporary arts [ica]
the mall, london sw1 box office 0171-930 3647




onedotzero3 presents the cutting edge of digital cinema. The
first chance to see exciting new forms and hybrids of moving
image work from the most innovative and cutting-edge talents in
the field. Including premieres of new work, films specially made
for the festival and programmes of rarely seen material from the
best digital filmmakers in the UK and beyond. An opportunity to
see the edgiest visuals from the most talked about moving
imagemakers before everyone else.

This year's festival takes over both ICA cinemas for a full
screening programme over a whole week. Besides premiering
onedotzero compilation programmes which includes an abundance of
work never before seen in the UK, onedotzero3 includes longer
form films, plus new media work and events.




Meeting People Is Easy
First UK public screening in 35mm
Directed by Grant Gee/95m

Large screen premiere of Grant Gee's critically-acclaimed feature
documentary following Radiohead's massive OK Computer tour.
Behind-the-scenes footage together with a relaxed graphic
sensibility gives a glimpse of a strange life on the road in this
adventurous and intelligent concert/tour film. Mainly shot on
mini-DV, transferred to 35mm.
"Visually the film is a masterpiece combining grainy black and
white with acidic colours, juxtaposed images and split-second
stills." Dazed & Confused

Sneakers: Size Isn't Everything + Goldie: When Saturn Returnz

An urban culture double bill comprising a special preview of Milk
Projects work-in-progress documentary, based on their successful
book Sneakers, looking at the cult of the trainer.
Plus the compelling film of drum'n'bass giant, Goldie, taking us
on a rollercoaster ride through his high-energy life. Directed by
John Akomfrah, in a visceral fusion of film and graphic design.
"The most resonant film about urban culture in recent years"
Time Out

Samurai Fiction
UK Premiere
Directed by Hiroyuki Nakano/111m

Stylish and quirky debut feature by Japanese bad boy promo
director Hiroyuki Nakano. A samurai story where Ozu meets Monkey
sans supernatural quirks. Intricate camerawork, and fluid fight
choreography, sees period oriental fighters accompanied by a
beautifully jarring mix of disco beats and rock-guitar solos in
this instant cult classic. The resulting brew plays wickedly fast
and loose with both Kurosawa and Indiana Jones.
"From the opening credits onwards this film is full of creativity
and strong graphic qualities but with an incredibly modern edge.
Compulsive!" Paul Smith, designer

Perfect Blue
Special advance preview
Directed by Satoshi Kon/80m

Hailed as the first feature-length Japanese animation film to
deal with contemporary rather than futuristic themes, Perfect
Blue is a brilliantly realised mix of social commentary and
disturbing psychological thriller from Satoshi Kon, former comic
writer and collaborator of Katsuhiro 'Akira' Otomo. Perfect
Blue's  protagonist is Mima, a pop star turned TV actress whose
career slide mirrors her psychological descent towards paranoia
and alienation. Kon deftly represents Mima's changing state of
mind, driving the film to a violent and unexpected conclusion
reminiscent of Polanski's Repulsion.

VOXIOO: tomato compilation
New work/approx 70m

A chance to view new directions and 'Underworld' connections - a
definitive collection of new and rarely-seen moving image work
from this influential design collective. "As if gibbering fools
we blundered, like stuffed mandrills, into talent and exposure,
fussed up and poncing off waving video tape and publications.
this is some of it. it's called voxioo, (pronounced) vwah-shoo."
Including Warchild, Moaner, Blue Velvet Boxing and Project X.

radio on [remix] + negative space
Directed by Chris Petit/26m+38m

Chris Petit pushes the spaces and form of the travelogue and
documentary into meditative, experimental territory. radio on
[remix] revisits his 1979 film, retracing the films' London to
Bristol journey combining the earlier work with the textures and
techniques of digital video to create a graphic essay about
memory, media and time
negative space explores cinema, space and landscape, framed by a
journey across the American mid-West, heading for Las Vegas. It
provokes argument about the emptiness of contemporary cinema,
contrasting it with that of Fassbinder, Rossellini, Godard and
Robert Mitchum.


wow + flutter 99
World Premieres/approx 70m

Innovative and contemporary motion graphics and digital effects
from the worlds of graphic design to new media. The first
opportunity to see the short digital films which map future
visual styles, from leading creative talents in the UK and
beyond. This is onedotzero's third annual collection of graphic-
and music-led exploratory short films made by a diverse range of
creative visions. Including more specially produced work than
ever before. Featuring ISO, DOTMOV, Andy Martin, OS2, Spin, Film
Unit AV, Shynola, Intro, Honey Brothers, Felt, Butler Brothers
and others.

wavelength 99
Director's Cuts/approx 70m

The edgiest and most controversial work from the most adventurous
promo and commercials directors around. Including the latest
director's cuts, promos, and previously unseen work in a visual
and aural assault. Visceral work and premieres from talents as
diverse as Chris Cunningham, Jonathan Glazer, Marc Caro, Alex +
Martin, Milk Projects, MMS Fuel, Jake Knight, Hexstatic, Edmundo,
and Dylan Kendle.

Abe's Exoddus + lens flare 99
European Premieres/approx 75m

The stunning and much heralded animated film of the computer
game, Abe's Exoddus, from Oddworld Inhabitants, is featured here
alongside another collection of the most stimulating FMV [full
motion video]  and pre-rendered movie sequences from computer
gaming. Including unreleased and 'lost' footage. Including Final
Fantasy VIII, G-Police 2 and Parasite Eve.

j-star 99
UK Premieres/approx 60m

onedotzero's collection of Japanese-based work from a diverse
range of disciplines such as anime, motion graphics, promo's and
animation. A guerrilla foray into the wild Asian visions rarely
seen in the West. With fresh work from Koji Morimoto, Ichiro
Tanida, Imaitoons, Hideyuki Tanaka, Sean Ellis, Jake Knight and
other Japanese graphic design talent.


Bi Products: An installation by Milk Projects
Milk Projects follow their dissection of societal trends and
foibles with a moving image installation based on the bi-products
of the cow. From the abattoir to the diary, foodstuffs to clothes
- the cow is playfully cut up and remixed by Milk.

Mon-Weds 3-5 May, ICA Theatre 1400-2000


onedotzero3 presents the finest new media moving image work from
around the globe. With work from the hottest names in interactive
and digital design. During the first week in May the festival
presents a diverse array of performances from:

onedotzero3 meets the Electronic Lounge
Tuesday 4 May, ICA Bar 2100-0100

Scanner's Electronic Lounge returns for a collaborative event
with onedotzero. Robin Rimbaud plus guests in an aural and visual
fusion mixing progressive electronica with abstract moving image.

Antirom + Faultline
UK Premiere and First Live Gigs

Leading UK interactive group, Antirom, specialise in new media
experimentation. This will be a UK premiere of their RGB
performance developed to expand on and showcase their influential
interactive 'toys' with a pulsating hip soundtrack from
Underworld and Silverkick.
Faultline, signed to Fused & Bruised Recordings, combine live
instrumentation (violin/cello/trumpet) with distorted breakbeats,
sub-basses and dark atmospherics. This concert, one of their
first live dates, also features accompanying progressive visuals.
"startling electronic collisions - classical and modernist,
beauty and ugliness - managing both terrifying chill and
clear-eyed empathy is Faultline's unique strength" NME
"a future Mercury Music Prize winner - inspirational post-dance
music" Sleaze Nation

Antirom + Faultline will perform on the same bill:
Thursday, 6 May, ICA Theatre, 2100-0100.

Preview of Rewind - AV Album released later in the year

Hexstatic are renowned for their club visuals and promo work,
previously collaborating with Coldcut on audiovisual tracks such
as Timber and Natural Rhythm. This is a preview concert for their
eagerly-awaited new audiovisual album for Ninja Tune, 'Rewind': a
blast from the past burning a hole in the future dance scene. A
rare, one-off extravaganza including Ninja Tune guest DJs. Extra
visual nonsense from Funki Porcini.

Hexstatic will perform: Saturday, 8 May, ICA Theatre, 2100-0100.


Innervisions presentations
Insights into Leading Cross Media Groups

Miles Murray Sorrell Fuel
Sunday, 2 May 1500

A rare outing by this influential design group, an audiovisual
presentation looking at their work across print and moving image.
Including a screening of Original Copies, which features a
Juergen Teller collaboration piece starring Kate Moss. Chaired by
Max Bruisma of international design magazine, Eye.

Sunday, 9 May 1400
Adrian Shaughnessy, head of Intro, gives us an insight
into the diverse and award-winning work of this design company,
from print, to moving image and Internet design. Their eclectic
range of client work includes Roni Size, Depeche Mode, Primal
Scream and numerous others. They recently completed Sampler, a
book on record cover design.

Panel Discussions
New forms and new ways of working explored

Future Filmmaking Aesthetics
Saturday, 1 May 1400

Looking at current and future directions in moving image with key
influencers and practitioners in the field. Including Grant Gee,
director of Meeting People is Easy, Rob Pepperell of audiovisual
crew Hexstatic, director Jake Knight and Chris O'Reilly of
Anglo-Japanese Nexus Productions. Chaired by John Wyver of
Illuminations TV.

Cross Media Fusion
Saturday, 8 May 1400

New ways of working between media explored with the help of
creative directors Aporva Baxi and Daljit Singh of design and new
media companies the Attik and Digit, Paul Romans of Film Unit AV
and members of Milk Projects looking at the potential and
consequences of these crossovers. Chaired by journalist and tv
presenter, Hari Kunzru.


Featuring new cd-rom and Internet projects from around the world
exploring moving image in multimedia, many previously unseen in
the UK. Featuring:

Digit present their new work: Sudden Drop and Digital
Experiences. Digital Experiences is a collection of short digital
films that can be viewed in a linear or interactive way. These
experiences encompass death and drinking, to travelling. Sudden
Drop is an innovative multi-level interface for navigating
Digit's latest work and includes the Digital Experiences films.
The world of Sudden Drop is continuously falling in an
ever-evolving world in which the user is able to explore
different environments, immersing themselves in different
people's thought patterns, from the point of death to a simple
daydream on the tube.

Online Caroline from XPT. Multimedia entertainment project
preview featuring the XPT Corporation, an overarching information
company with sinister intentions. Featured for it's innovative
cross-media potential between traditional and new media.

CD-ROM selection
Featuring Digit, DAAC, Japanese GasBook, Imaitoons,
AudioRom and the onedotzero3 interactive festival project.
DAAC [Digital Arts and Crafts] preview a new cd-rom of animated
ascii movies and flash projects. Gasbook: Japanese project
showcasing idiosyncratic interactive visions. Imaitoons
showcasing new work and the Spidead manga VJ tool.

Sony PlayStation Pods
Select previews and the latest releases of games on the
PlayStation. Including European premiere of the playable demo of
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere from Namco.

onedotzero Internet selection - 15 websites that explore new
forms and hybrids of moving image.



"... about as close to the future as you'll get"
Guardian Guide

"As designers become filmmakers and art directors become
photographers, onedotzero is the place to watch it all coming
Creative Review

"[The] most innovative digitally-inflected moving image material
on the international arts circuit"

"Unmissable grab bag from all that's new in digital video from
promos to features"
Sight and Sound

"A fragmentary, free-wheeling festival of new digital filmmaking"
Time Out

"What the Chemical Brothers did for music you can now do for
film. [onedotzero] shows you how"
Daily Telegraph

"onedotzero is probably the most important promoter of digital
film in the UK"
Graphics International

"The digital era explodes at onedotzero"

"[An] inspiring event showcasing the most vital digital art"
Res Magazine


ica location key:

[c1] cinema 1
[c2] cinema 2
[t] theatre
[b] bar
[tb] theatre/bar
[br] brandon room
[nmc] new media centre

april 30 fri

1700 wow+flutter [c1]
1830 wavelength [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 lens flare [c2]
2100 meeting people is easy [c1]

may 1 sat

1400 panel: future filmmaking aesthetics [c1]
1700 sneakers + goldie [c1]
1830 j-star [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 wow+flutter [c2]
2100 perfect blue [c1]

may 2 sun

1500 innervisions presentation: miles murray sorrell fuel [c1]
1700 wavelength [c1]
1830 wow+flutter [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 j-star [c2]
2100 meeting people is easy [c1]

may 3 mon

1400-2000 installation: bi-products by milk [t]
1700 sneakers + goldie [c1]
1830 voxioo: tomato [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 voxioo: tomato [c2]
2100 samurai fiction [c1]

may 4 tue

1400-2000 installation: bi-products by milk [t]
1700 radio on [remix] + negative space [c1]
1830 voxioo: tomato [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 voxioo: tomato [c2]
2100 samurai fiction [c1]
2100-0100 onedotzero3 meets the electronic lounge [b]

may 5 weds

1400-2000 installation: bi-products by milk [t]
1700 radio on [remix] + negative space [c1]
1830 onedotzero highlights [c2]
1900 level 5 [c1]
2030 voxioo: tomato [c2]
2100 meeting people is easy [c1]

may 6 thu

1700 wow +flutter [c1]
1900 level 5 [c1]
1830 onedotzero highlights [c2]
2030 lens flare  [c2]
2100 meeting people is easy [c1]
2100-0100 antirom + faultline [tb]

may 7 fri

no screening or event programme. new media centre activities
only. including cd-rom selection, playstation pod special
previews and

may 8 sat

1400 panel: cross media fusion [br]
2000-0100 hexstatic + guests inc. funki porcini [tb]

may 9 sun

1400 innervisions presentation: adrian shaughnessy of intro [br]


cinema 1 tickets
screenings commencing at 5pm or before are £4.50/£3.50
concessions/£2.50 ica members
all screenings commencing after 5pm are priced £6.50/£5.50
concessions/£4.50 ica members

cinema 2 tickets
£5/£4 concessions/£3 ica members

onedotzero3 meets the electronic lounge
£2.50/£2 concessions/ica members free

faultine + antirom
£8/£7 concessions/£6 ica members

£8/£7 concessions/£6 ica members

cross media fusion discussion + intro presentations in the
brandon room
tickets are £5/£4 for concessions/£3 ica members

related new media centre + installation activities
free with ica day membership [included with all ticket purchases
that day]/free to ica members


onedotzero3 programmed + directed: Matt Hanson + Shane RJ Walter
lens flare 99 consultant programmer: Ben Wharton
j-star programming assistance: Chris O'Reilly
onedotzero graphics, trailers, titles designed by State
lens flare editing: Marc Tondeur

onedotzero3 in association with film four. supported by the ica,
arts council of england. media sponsors: digit, res. new media
sponsor: macromedia. programme support: parlophone, manga
entertainment. equipment provided by apple computers uk
+ thanks to all those who have made this event possible


Nearest tubes:
piccadilly circus/charing cross/ 3mins trafalgar square


onedottv  - new tools, new visions, new cinema

Now showing on Channel Four every Tuesday at around midnight from
April 20, 1999 for 6 weeks.

onedottv showcases the innovative edge of digital graphic
film-making. onedottv is an eclectic anthology of
original,independent and progressive work by directors, new media
artists and graphic designers celebrating the end of celluloid,
based on the wow+flutter strand of our first two festivals.

Co-produced by onedotzero and Illuminations TV.
Titles by State with music by Faultline.


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