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Re: Syndicate: Bridge: To all the prejudiced peopl


could somebody (from yugoslavia or elsewhere), who knows the people taking
this Bridge initiative, comment (on or off the list) who these people are
and what you think about the plan? it is difficult to assess this, but
others have also already suggested to *print* some of the texts that
provide alternative views of the conflict. would it be a place where we
should offer some of the material that went over the syndicate list (with
all necessary editorial work and precaution, obviously)?


>What gives us the right to ask for your help in building this Bridge is the
>fact that from the very beginning of the crisis in Yugoslavia we have
>clearly and frankly been against the war and against violence towards
>civilians and civil life values. The people who are affiliated with the
>publishing house "Stubovi Kulture" (David Albahari, Vladimir Arsenijevic,
>Dragan Velikic, Svetlana Velmar-Jankovic,
>Dusan Kovacevic, Vida Ognjenovic, Radoslav Petkovic, Ljubomir Simovic...)
>have raised their voices against the destruction of cities and Bridges;
>under difficult circumstances we acted as responsible and clear-minded
>citizens, sympathizing with other peoples suffering just like with our own
>-- Muslim, Croatian and Serbian refugees yesterday, as well as Albanian
>refugees from Kosovo and Serbian refugees from their homes today.

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