Zvonimir Bakotin on Sat, 24 Apr 1999 18:19:08 +0100 (GMT+0100)

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Syndicate: Hallo my name is Bond, James Bond... BTW of Budapes

Budapest done

Keywords:  bouncing, eurothopia, clash of realities, reality_check,
realities/virtual/argumented vs fiction, check on Gyor .hu border,
old KGB school, suspicious Hungarian officers, *false*??? passport,
anybody  speaks English there? no!, phone? no!, Budapest? no!,
artist - what?, an hour spend in border office from some different times,
video making forbidden, the place is obviously far away from any y2k risk,
therefore pretty safe, verbal culture heavily aided by mobile radios,
traces of iron curtain, rejected after all deported, "Vienna or prison"!?!
what for? c'mon, why your don't use that old but only dos machine,
performance slightly on the edge of violation of human rights, provoking
young uniformed desperado, asking frequently for another passport!!!,
"what is your original nationality", ongoing negotiation you = no person!
1999 rather 1948, all in few words of english (movies?) but aided by heavy
gesticulation, langauge no problem, communication yes indeed, English spy,
ok you guess yes my name is Bond James Bond, but Im in secret mission and
Her Majesty will be upset if I declare my *real* name/identity, so I'll
endure on use of an avatar instead, pure matter of honour, sorry...
pissed off, unconnected... cool Austrian officers from the *other* side,
30 minutes in Vienna = Wiener coffee must, should i stay for weekend in
Vienna and meet friends there? no, goin' back, so 30 hours plus in trains,
cash problems, credit card incompatibility, but feel good, very good.
Another great thing to know after four years of intense travels all around
that my passport so nicely populated with stamps is false one :-))) great!
should talk to guys from Mi 5 to make it *even more realistic* ;-))))))...
After all felling even better in the front of my three screens of two
workstations - *reality surround* system, needless to say but I have much
*better* overview over *realities* `:-)
Suprisingly border officers weren't show any notable interest in bulk
of hi tech *road* equipment, they were attracted by goodies for fellow
Syndicalists so at end I give 'em several sets of VGTV postcards.
In other hand no one was interested in great VRML-ART B1 color poster,
strange, maybe too big piece of *west propaganda* ;-)))

Mission completed unfortunately main objectivity missed, surprise,
surprise <border=1>... heavy time and money waste... Cest la vie...
Concept for protest letter to .hu embassy in progress, any translator
Eng->Hu there, just to make some extra fun out of this

border=0 - FALSE, tested, experienced and confirmed, in the best case
may work as Border0.5b ;) dear friends what to say our debates in 
De Balie and around are very cool way for dealing with reality, somehow 
virtual, indeed, argumented reality is however different evermore much 
stranger than any fiction so far... ;-)

short travel report
Bond, James Bond
aka zvonimir

Action  30+ hours in bouncing trains; tributed to displaced persons
by wars and other stupidites of the humankind. 
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