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Syndicate: (fwd) ArkanAr

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:22:32 +0200
From: Marcel van Kerkvoorde <>


Showing the cruel face of war in Yugoslavia

With the artwork: The Silence/Arkan, an sequence of 14 colour slides,
titled: The Silence/Arkan, is Marcel van Kerkvoorde, dutch visual
artist,  showing us the real and cruel face of the war in Yugoslavia. An
animated serie of 14  slides is showing (a short sequence of) Arkan
being interviewed and speaking out the following phrase.:I dont give a
damn if they call me The Terrible. This artwork can be experienced at

The slides are taken from an interview for the BBC in 1992.  They showed
Arkan an Yugoslavian warcriminal and leader of the Arkan Tigers at the
beginning of the Yugoslavian civil war.  Slowly the cruelty and
arrogance is being showed on his face and horrific experience . The
artwork is availabel on video, photo and colourslide and can be seen on
the the internet.

ZELJKO ?ARKAN? Raznatovic is well-known in Belgrade as oneof the
countrys  and most wealthiest businessmen.
But for several years, the West and former Yugoslavia countries have
tried touncover Raznatovics darker side ? looking for the truth behind
widespreadallegations that he led a group of brutal Serb
prisoners-turned-paramilitaries, so-called ?volunteer? defenders of
theSerbian nation, on a horrific campaign of ethnic cleansing in the
Croatianand Bosnian wars from 1991-1995.

In 1991when the war ignited under centuries-old Balkan tensions , Arkan
wasreleased from one of several prison terms. He soon founded the
Serbian Volunteer Guards, or Arkans Tigers. They fought alongside
Bosnian Serbs in the 1991 war with Croatiaand the 1992-1995 Bosnian
war.  The Tigers are believed to be responsible for many ethnic
atrocities, including the systematic rape and murder of Croatian and
Bosnian Muslimcivilians. This accusations Arkan firmly denied. Two weeks
ago the War criminal tribunal in The Hague, Holland, accused Arkan of
warcriminals and is trying to get him to trial.

The Silence/Arkan, colour slides photo, video;
(coming exhibitions and projects, cv, etc); Marcel van Kerkvoorde, dutch
visual artist, A Romeinstraat 14, 2135 SJ Hoofddorp, +31-235640426,

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