Karoly Toth on Fri, 16 Apr 1999 12:28:21 +0200

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0g rotterdam - Syndicate: RE:UPDATE 14.04., 18.10 - syn-bud 23-25 april

dear a+list,

I do not need accomodation, I sleep at my parent's place in BP.
Unfortunately this time I can not help anybody with accomodation, like I did
in Rotterdam before.
But if you think I can help with something else give a sign.
my phone in BUD (+31 1) 261 7804 (this number speaks german)

The chance is 50% that I am able to show up at c3. I have an invitation to a
symposium somwhere else in HU. This date was pinned much earlier than that
of the c3 meeting. It takes place exactly at the same time as the syndicate
meeting. If I find a way to split myself in 2 or if you can beam me up via
IRC chat for example, let me know.

In case if you can ask APEXchanges money for me, and I do not show up,
please use the money to help somebody from YU (no matter which part) to have
a break.

I stay in HU 21 apr - cca. 21 may
i go with airplane a:dam > bud > a:dam

I f somebody in BUD can me give a hint how can I keep me being on-line while
in BUD (internet cafe or maybe at c3? or something else I would appr. it.)

folks, if you are in budapest anyway, you must try (if you didn't before)
"kosher szilvapalinka", or "unicum".
these are 2 domestic ways to receive a sortof horse kick more fluidly in a
pub, in a less painfull  fashion. ;-)=

0g rotterdam
contact: Karoly Toth
phone:  +31 (0)10 2400390
email:  karoly.toth@excite.com
address: Gedemplte Zalmhaven 923
3011 BT Rotterdam, NL

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