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Re: syn-bud - from Edi

hi andreas and everybody,
sorry but i can't make it this time even though almost all our artistic
projects are suspended, but there's still a lot of work to do voluntarily
with the endless kosovar refugees. i am trying to organise some kind of
entertaining, educational projects for the kids but it is difficult, since
most of the aid coming to albania is addressing basic needs. it's also
difficult because of the trauma and the shock those poor kids have gone
through seeing their parents killed in front of their eyes, or escaping
death just by being a bit more lucky than their fellows already masacred.

anyway, i wish everybody a good meeting, and i'll look forward to know how
it goes,
best to everybody,

At 09:04 PD 16-04-99 +0100, you wrote:
>UPDATE 16.04., 9.00 (Participation/Schedule) - syn-bud 23-25 april
>PARTICIPATION. As you can see below, there are now more than 20 people who
>have confirmed participation in the Syndicate meeting in Budapest next
>week. No doubt, more will show up, and if you need support with travel
>costs (through the APEX grant we got) or accommodation, please, get in
>touch as soon as possible.
>THEMES. Some of the themes for discussion are listed below, others have
>been mentioned by people in off-list messages. It would be good if people
>could post to the list what they want to talk about, so that we can plan
>the meeting well.
>SCHEDULE. Info about locations and other general stuff will follow in the
>next days. I assume that, beside informal talks with those people who
>arrive early, we will first meet as a group at C3 on Friday 23rd, at around
>15.00, and go for dinner together that night. For Saturday we should make a
>good schedule, it'll be the main day of the meeting. On Sunday, people will
>start leaving from around mid-day, so we should have a farewell
>get-together somewhere, maybe for a long breakfast.
>*CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (dates are of arrival and departure;
>accommodation&travel info)
>- Inke Arns (22-25; travel and acc.?)
>- Zvonimir Bakotin (?; APEX)
>- Kit Blake (22-25; needs any kind of acc., can be cheap hotel; train from
>Rotterdam, arr. Thu 13:03 Bp Kel, dept. Su)
>- Arthur Bueno (23-25; needs free acc.; train from Rotterdam, arr. Fr
>13.03, dept. Su; APEX)
>- Andreas Broeckmann (22-25; needs any kind of acc., can be cheap hotel;
>train from Berlin, arr. Thu 19.19 Bp Kel., dept. Su 18.00; APEX)
>- Nina Czegledy (Budapest)
>- Adele Eisenstein (Budapest)
>- Honor Harger (21 - 26; needs any kind of acc., can be cheap hotel)
>- Eric Kluitenberg (23-25?; acc.?; flying from Amsterdam)
>- Stephen Kovats (22-25; acc. OK; driving from Berlin; APEX)
>- Diana McCarty (Budapest)
>- Vesna Manojlovic (23-25; accommodation OK; flying from Sofia, not
>entirely sure)
>- Sarita Matijevic (Budapest)
>- Iliyana Nedkova (23-25; accommodation OK; flying from London; APEX)
>- Ana Peraica (23-25; needs cheap, pref. free acc.; train from Zagreb; APEX)
>- Miklos Peternak (Budapest)
>- Florian Schneider (?; driving from Munich)
>- Janos Sugar (Budapest)
>- Andrea Szekeres (Budapest)
>- Karoly Toth (23-25; acc?)
>- Herwig Turk (dates?, accommodation OK?; driving from Vienna)
>*TRAVEL (please, contact these people directly)
>- Florian Schneider, driving from Munich, 2-3 places (dates not fixed)
>- Herwig Turk, driving from Vienna, 2-3 places (23 noon-25 afternoon)
>- Stephen Kovats, driving from Berlin/Dessau, 2-3 places (22 noon from
>Dessau-25 noon) <>
>*ACCOMMODATION (contact through Adele Eisenstein <>)
>- Vesna Manojlovic may be able to find some acc for others if needed.
>- Stephen Kovats can accommodate 1-2 people.
>- what should be done at this point? (incl. campaigning, concrete
>contingency planning for staying in touch)
>- the syndicate at war
>- the long-term future of deep europe
>- deep europe/border camp (Florian Schneider)
>- digital nomadism - becoming refugee - is this 'home'? (Ana Peraica)