Slobodan Markovic on Tue, 13 Apr 1999 20:46:57 +0100

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Syndicate: GODDAMNED April Fools

    It's April the 1st. If you are in Belgrade, you should sleep over 
    this day... here's one good reason why:

    Air-raid warning started at 8 am previous day. Most of Belgraders
    spent day in their homes, but went to shelters just after sunset. 
    It was pretty hectic situation, because it was said that "tonight 
    NATO will strike at army and police administrative buildings in 
    Belgrade downtown".

    Time: around 02:00 am
    Place: one atomic shelter, in my neighborhood, Belgrade downtown

    A little boy and his (also) little sister are in shelter now for 
    almost 6 hrs. Kids are bored to hell... Neighbors have been 
    watching after them, since their parents were preparing some food
    in apartment on the 5th floor in the same building. Suddenly a 
    boy rises and says that he will go up and check what his parents 
    are doing. Neighbors agree...

    Boy is walking the stairs with a cunning idea in his mind...
    He rings the door bell and his mother opens...

    "Mom, sister is getting sick down there, you better hurry!!!"

    That moment his mother started to change colors. Her face turned 
    pale and legs begin to shake. She almost fell unconscious. Very
    soon, boy's little sister appeared smiling at the doorstep to 
    check if April fools joke, they planned, worked out...

    Goddamned kids at goddamned 02:00 am, during goddamned air-raid 
    warning, remembered today is goddamned April fools day.

    I was lucky to sleep over large part of this day, but now I'm awake.

    Heart attack is the last thing I need right now. So, I think I'll 
    stay locked in my room until midnight... :-)


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            Internodium Project |

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