Slobodan Markovic on Thu, 1 Apr 1999 19:58:45 +0200

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Syndicate: No more Strauss

    The bridge over Danube in Novi Sad, the capital of Serbian 
    northern province of Vojvodina, was destroyed early this 
    morning in NATO air-raid.

    Nobody was killed, but my girlfriend's friend who lives only 
    couple hundred meters from that bridge says it was horrible 
    experience. It's really hard to describe her tone over the 
    phone this morning... All she could say is that she was sleeping 
    and in the moment of explosion all glasses on her house windows 
    broke into million little pieces. Everything was shaking so 
    badly I thought house is going to crush on me, she said.

    I think that destruction of bridges in capital cities is totally 
    senseless... I suspect the main intent of NATO was to harm only 
    citizens of Novi Sad, because NATO generals know very well that 
    army engineers can build floating bridge for army vehicles in 
    less than an hour...

    I'm just afraid that this could be an ouvertire for similar 
    destructions in Belgrade... I hope I'm wrong...


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