Andrej Tisma on Thu, 01 Apr 1999 21:00:22 +0200

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Last night at 5:00 AM I was awaken by strong bomb explosion near my
house. After that 10 minutes later there was another strong explosion.
The Novi Sad civilian bridge over Danube in the center of the city, only
200 meters from my house, was hit by NATO bombers and totally destroyed.
Windows near bridge are all broken on hundreds of houses, also on the
Philosophic Faculty, Museum of Vojvodina, elementary school (where I
used to go) . Bridge fell into the water and blocked the way to the
ships. Also the water supply, which went trough the bridge is cut for
about 50.000 civilians on the opposite side of Danube. A real civilian
tragedy, and NATO continues bombing of Yugoslav factories, schools (30
schools are damaged), monastery churches (Gracanica and Rakovica),
apartment buildings (Pristina, Prizren), village houses etc. It seams
that after 9 days of continuous bombing NATO commanders got mad, and
can't stop their perverted crime.
This afternoon I went with my wife and daughter to see the remnants of
the bridge. My daughter made some photos for souvenir. We are scared
that other two bridges on Danube not far from our home will be next.
Every night planes are roaring high in the sky. The air raid alarm now
takes 24 hours, like yesterday, so we can't stay in the bomb shelter all
the time. That is very dangerous. Also one can not sleep at night
normally, so we are all very tired physically an psychically.
We hoped some signals given by president Milosevic to NATO trough
Russian prime minister Primakov to continue the negotiations for a
political solution of Kosovo problem will be welcomed by NATO (USA), but
they refused that. They say they will continue bombing. We were hoping
NATO also wants the end of this aggression because it has much
unpredicted loss: two "invisible" F-117 stealth bombers were shot down
these days, and one yesterday damaged, landed in Zagreb. Also 7 other
NATO planes were shot down, and four helicopters.
Today I took part on artists' protest Anti NATO Art Action meeting at
noon in Novi Sad Cultural center where we made an exhibition (I put some
internet graphics). Poets, musicians, actors were participating reading
poetry, singing opera pieces, guitar songs etc. Outside there was the
big rock concert in open, on the main square of Novi Sad, against NATO.
All people, about 5.000 of them, wearing paper targets on their bodies.
All that was happening in the time of air raid alarm. Our people will
not give up, even now when civilian targets have been hit and destroyed
or damaged. But we are getting tired without regular sleep, and shocked
by the unbelievable NATO's unscrupulousness. 
Albanian people is also suffering from those bombings in Kosovo cities
and villages. The river of refugees is now bigger than before bombing.
What is NATO's real purpose? It seams that it is not anymore the
Albanians human rights, or anybody's, but conquering the Kosovo
territory for installing their military bases. Now Rugova shoved up
asking NATO to stop the bombing, because Albanians are in very delicate
situation, KLA is almost destroyed. Vatican also asked for stopping of
NATO aggression, and many European countries too. What does Clinton
think he is? Stop him before it destroys all 26 nationalities that are
living in Serbia and Yugoslavia, for his and USA's geostrategic purposes