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Syndicate: Whatever Happened to Darko Baji

      I am looking for the Serbian film director Darko Bajic.  He once
directed a film called "Crni Bombarder" or "Black Bomber", which was set in
the year 1999.   The hero (played by Dragan Bejelogrlic)  is a dissolute,
dissident radio DJ who works for a rock station called "Boom."  He
habitually wears a black bomber jacket and has a bomber-aircraft earring,
hence his radio nickname, Black Bomber.  

      When the radio station is shot-up by a paramilitary fanatic, the
broadcasts are shut down by the police.  "Black Bomber" then starts a pirate
station inside a truck, and illegally patrols the streets of "Beograd,"
calling on his soccer hooligan fans to wake from their "zombie sleep" and
take over the city.   Violent protests erupt; but then his technician is
killed and the country's sinister President makes an attempt to co-opt him.

      His turbo-punk musician girlfriend is played by Anica Dobra, who has
since become an actress in Germany.   But I am very interested in learning
what has become of the director and actors of this very prescient film.  I
would like to know what else they have worked on.   Though I have a pirate
copy I bought from Canada, I am also anxious to find an English-subtitled
copy of the film, on VHS video.  I know that a subtitled version of "Crni
Bombarder"  exists, because I once saw it in theatrical release in the USA.
Perhaps someone in Syndicate can help me with this quest.

Bruce Sterling  (
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