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Syndicate: Civilisation?

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with any of the sides in current conflict
    on Balkans. I'm a 21 years old student of computer sciences at the
    University of Belgrade. I don't support violence as a way of solving any
    conflict. You are about to read only one tiny part of my experiences
    concerning goddamn war in my living environment.

    In a recent article forwarded to <nettime> mailing list, one passage
    catched my eye:

    "[Tony] Blair himself has made clear that the war against Milosevic's
    Serbia 'is no longer just a military conflict. It is a battle between
    Good and Evil; between civilisation and barbarity'."

    Well, I guess that the following can be considered as - "civilisation".

    Crvena Zastava factory in Kragujevac was hit yesterday. This factory is
    the largest one in whole region and more than 38.000 workers directly
    depend from its existence. So, they have organised 24h "human shield"
    in the factory. That was the top news in the first days of NATO strikes,
    so NATO officials knew that the factory is full of people 24h a day.
    But, who cares, right? Yesterday, missiles hit the factory wounding 120
    workers (8 of them are in very critical condition). That was totally
    unnecessary act of violence, because NATO missiles didn't hit the
    ammunition and weapons production sections of the factory, but rather
    marginal car assembly section.

    Two days ago, NATO missiles flattened to the ground one ski centre on
    the Zlatibor mountain. Yugoslav Olympic Committee Ski Hotel is totally
    devastated and three civilians (guardians of the empty hotel) were
    killed on the spot. Gosh... is THAT supposed to be yet another Serb
    freighting action?

    Yesterday, the victims of savage Prishtina bombings were buried, also.
    Apart from that, some 100 more people were also buried - for the second
    time (because one NATO missile hit the graveyard damaging more than 100
    graves, two days ago).

    It seems that NOBODY in Yugoslavia can rest in peace, anymore... :-(


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