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Syndicate: ZAGINFLATCH #28

[yesterdays zaginflatch,  issue 27, was containing only zizeks
statement, which was already posted on syndicate. /fls]

9th April 1999.
a newsletter published by Zagreb Anarchist Movement




We couldn't publish Zaginflatch yesterday, as there was absolutely no
material for it. We didn't receive not one email or piece of information
from Yugoslavia, and it seemed senseless to publish another observation
from somebody who's not in the field. We are not sure does this mean
that a communication break down occured in Yugoslavia or something else.
4 mailing lists and 2 newgrouops were completely empty. Also, there were
no private emails.

Depending on the situation and information flow we will have to adjust
the publishing paste for Zaginflatch from daily to something else....
it's stupid to chase daily rythm if there's no material to publish.



 Deeply disturbed by NATO destruction and the ordeal of Kosovo
Albanians, we, the representatives of nongovernmental organizations and
trade union "Nezavisnost" (Independence), strongly demand from all those
responsible for this tragedy to immediately create ground for the
renewal of the peace process. The most powerful military, political and
economic powers of the world are for two weeks incessantly killing
people and destroying not only military but also civilian objects,
blowing up bridges and rail tracks, factories and heating plants,
warehouses and basins... At the same time, in fear of the bombing
campaign and military actions by the regime and the KLA, hundreds of
thousands of Kosovo Albanians are, in an unprecedented exodus, forced to
leave their devastated homes and look for salvation in the tragedy and
uncertainty of fleeing. It is obvious that this is a road to
catastrophe, and the peaceful and fair solution to the Kosovo problem
through international mediation we have supported for years, today seems
more distant than ever. The past activities of our organizations in the
field of democratization, development of a civil society and acceptance
of FR Yugoslavia into all international institutions have been under
constant pressure and intimidation by the Serbian regime. We, as members
of civil society associations have courageously and rationally fought
against war and nationalistic propaganda and in support of human rights.
We emphasize that we have always raised our voices against the
repression against Kosovo Albanians and demanded the respect of their
liberties and guarantees for their rights. We have also requested the
return of the autonomy of Kosovo. We stress that the only connection and
cooperation of Serbs and Albanians during all these years has been
preserved among civil society institutions. NATO military intervention
has undermined all results we have achieved and endangered the very
survival of the civil sector in Serbia. Faced with the tragic situation
we have found ourselves in, and in the name of human ideas and values,
as well as in accordance with all our past activities, we are demanding:
- immediate stop to the bombing campaign and all armed movements; -
resuming of the peace process with international mediation at the
regional Balkan and European level, as well as in the framework of the
United Nations; - share of responsibility between the European Union and
Russia and their contribution to the peaceful solution of the crisis; -
end of the ethnic cleansing process and immediate return of all
refugees; - support to the citizens of Montenegro to preserve peace and
stability, solve serious consequences of the refugee catastrophe and
resume with the democratic processes that are underway; - we demand that
the Serbian and international media inform the public in a professional
manner and not spur media war, incite interethnic hatred, create
irrational public opinion and glorify force as the ultimate
accomplishment of the human mind.

We cannot meet these demands by ourselves. We expect from you to support
our demands and in your initiatives and actions help their
implementation. * Association of Citizens for Democracy, Social Justice
and Support to Trade Unions * Belgrade Circle * Center for Democracy and
Free Elections * Center for Transition to Democracy-ToD * Civic
Initiatives * European Movement in Serbia * Forum for Ethnic Relations,
and Foundation for Peace and Crisis Management * Group 484 * Helsinki
Committee for Human Rights in Serbia * Student Union of Serbia * Union
for Truth about Antifascist Resistance * United Branch Trade Unions
NEZAVISNOST * VIN-Weekly Video News * Women in Black * Yu Lawyers
Committee for Human Rights * EKO Centar

In Belgrade, April 6, 1999


 Dear friends,

Info about Zaginflatch is available on request.

Basically, with this newsletter we want to inform the international
community (this is you) on how antiauthoritarians in Yugoslavia and
ex-Yugoslavia feel in these moments. Also, as people who have
experienced air raids and general alerts, we want to support our friends
in Yugoslavia who are experiencing this today. We don't want to
prejudice any political solutions to Kosovo and other ex-yu problems, we
just want to help our friends, and support them in this way. All
opinions published in Zaginflatch will be just personal ones. There is
no joint platform. Zaginflatch will bring you hardly any news in the way
mainstream media does it. For this kind of info we suggest you try cnn,
bbc or some other services. They are available to you anyway.. This is
meant to come from inside... Also, if you're into alternative news
sources, we suggest you try at www.b92.net ...

Zagreb Anarchist Movement (ZAP)


the end

 *** pseudoastronaut klase D ***

Break the logic of war! Desert! Open the borders!

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