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Subject: Belgrade: bombing day fifteen
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 10:30:48 +0000
From: "Women's Center Belgrade" <awcasv@EUnet.yu>
To: Zarana Papic <>

 -please do not give this info to the press, or when you use any of
the facts please do not give the name of the source because it may be
dangerous for the author -

Wednesday, April 7, 1999
Bombing day fifteen

Today in the tram in Belgrade i saw a woman with the button:  
Clintons face with Hitler's moustache,  behind the US flag and the
Nazi star on the top: 'Bring Monica back to him'.  Are not radical
feminists those who traced the begining of violence in the male sexual
violence against women!  (For those who still dont get the button: ...
if he did it to Monica he will not do it to Serbia!).

The new graffity down the road:  'Kosovo - National park'.

Schools and university and all the educational institutions are 
closed down indefinitely.   People watch TV most of the time, and only
one discourse of hatred against agression.  Nothing in public can be
heard but the support to regime, serbia, military,  and hatred against
 the enemy.  Of independed papers only two have remained, without
comentaries, without  signitures of journalists.  The human rights and
peace NGOs have freezed activites for now, in order to survive for

People are leaving Belgrade slowly, 5 buses a day go to Budapest. Four
of our friends have already gone.   One  wonders if democracy can be
installed with bombs and fear?  Knowing that fear is the best emotion
to control the mind.  If  citizens of serbian nationality are victims
or hostages? 

The fear goes through different phases among women.  Fear of 
crossing bridges, fear of sirenas, fear of every sound, evening, fire
in the night sky....    In the first two weeks  the activists from the
Center  talked about fear  to women from 27  towns in 240 calls.   We
also received about 200 emails of support from different women and men
around the world.  And many of them are translated and are hanged on
the peace poster on the wall.

Most of our Albanian friends from Pristina by now were forced to
Macedonia.  Two of them have called us in the last two days  to tell
us that they are alive and that we should not worry for them.  Their
stories are horrible.  Their friendship and trust in us touching.

illegal feminist anti-fascists.

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