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Syndicate: Drop 'em

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with any of the sides in current conflict
    on Balkans. I'm a 21 years old student of computer sciences at the
    University of Belgrade. I don't support violence as a way of solving any
    conflict. You are about to read only one tiny part of my experiences
    concerning goddamn war in my living environment.

    Last night, before midnight, I heard a loud explosion in Belgrade. Few
    moments after the explosion anyone in Belgrade could hear the screaming
    sound of NATO airplane flying over... A big, thick, cloud of smoke was
    growing over the very centre of the city... This was one of the
    strangest targets - long time abandoned old civilian administrative
    building in Nemanjina Street 9. For those who visited Belgrade, it's
    the street which leads from Main train station up to Slavija square.

    I think that THE REAL target of this attack was nearby Army HQ building
    (evacuated and empty since first day of NATO attacks, BTW). It is funny
    to notice, but NATO pilot missed the crossroad!

    YOU BLOODY IDIOT! Army HQ is situated on the second crossing from the
    train station NOT on the first one, damn it!

    So, idiot missed the target, but dropped 900 kg monster only 100 meters
    far from St. Sava's Hospital, full of people in critical condition after
    survived stroke, heart attack and other cardio-vascular problems... not
    to mention the block of civilian buildings 50 m from the hit building...

    It was a fun day in Prishtina also, where citizens are still cleaning
    the rubbles of devastated civilian block of buildings. NATO probably
    thought that it will be a boring task, so they used (forbidden) cluster
    bombs. Now, some unexploded cluster bombs are slowing down the cleaning
    of the mess and saving people who survived.

    Definite number of dead people is still not known, but it is much more
    than 5! One Turkish family was almost wiped from the face of the Planet.
    Only a little boy and his grandmother survived, because detonation threw
    them out on the street over balcony.


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            Internodium Project |

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