Geert Lovink on Thu, 8 Apr 1999 12:33:27 +0100

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Re: URGENT belgrade->budapest meeting / APEX news

Dear all, 

I also have a bit of a funny, somehow strange feeling about the syndicate
meeting. We, at the helpb92, discussed the possibilily of people from novi
sad/belgrade... them going out of the country, to budapest, and going
back, after a few days. but is this is a real option for them, for you?
sonja ex-b92 says it might not be very likely that people come, unless
they want to escape. perhaps it is all a bit too early, too unclear, too
dangerous. maybe not. is the aim only to meet the yugo members? or just to
discuss syndicate topics (new media art and culture) or the war?

best, geert