Sinisa Rogic on Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:10:11 +0100

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Syndicate: written yesterday - BGD

Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 08:30:49 +0200

Dear friends,
situation is very complicated, from time to time terrifying and on the
elementary human  level suicadaly disappointing. we are (in behalf of 2
owners of this E-mail address) alive and safe, still in Belgrade, not
going to the shelters, with new e-mail address.... a lot of our friends
went out of the country or deeper in the country, some seriously freaked

on Friday (April 2) court officials & policemen delivered to Radio B92's
Director - Sasa Mirkovic - an order from the court announcing his
dismissal. the police then sealed off the studio and offices of B92,
banning the station from broadcasting. on the same day ANEM and OpenNet
where closed/shot down.......... as new director - JUL/SPS Mr.
Aleksander Nikacevic - and he's associates announced while interviewing
B92 employees new B92 will start broadcasting shortly with "left
patriotic" editorial policy.

as about REX we are still closed due to political situation and where
not jet the target of new director's substantial changes. as, again,
indirectly announced he/they are interested in having a cultural center
& more active than it used to be - although they find out about it's
existence yesterday trough a bill that arrived to B92. I believe it is
not necessary to say that REX can't be what it used to if leading people
of B92 - REX parents - are changed and all B92 turned to "left
patriotic". we all feel that we are on the second direction (patriotic)
from the very beginnings & constantly but can hardly contribute to the
first one (left).

please treat this one as a private letter and change with this E-mail address in your address books &
mailing lists (I am now on the same E-mail address with ex

will write.


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