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Syndicate: 0g rotterdam - who is Paul Treanor? - once again

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Dear list,

once more about the ever misterious mr. Treanor'.

for art lovers only!
have fun!
try it at least!

Fragment from Paul Treanor's essay on the relation between art as such and
the national states as such ((in Europe) my reading).

the whole text is here:

by P. T.

(the qouote is his conclusion)

The only constant seems to be, that art serves privilege, the nation state,
the powerful, the established, the unjust. In general, art serves the
existing, which is exactly what is consistent with a self-perpetuating
social structure.

It is acceptable to oppose art in general, and specific national, regional,
world-cultural, or civilisational art. However, there is no wide support for
the break-up of the geo-cultural structure. The values of that structure
itself are incompatible with its reform or abolition. It can however be
limited in its effects.

I therefore propose territorial separation of art. Formally, the best course
would be to destroy existing art, then choose if the planet was to be
art-provided or art-free. However, there is no prospect of any global
agreement on this. Art will be in opposition to non-art, inherently.

Specifically, I propose that the United States of America should become a
zone of art. The existing cultural preference in the USA for collecting art,
(especially from Europe) should be expanded into a prime function of state.

Art should be transferred from Europe to the USA, beginning with the art
listed in national heritage lists, and with recognised European heritage. I
propose as an initial step, the transfer of the Mona Lisa, the best known
European artwork, to the USA. The Mona Lisa is old, and heritage. It is
better, that the past should burden the USA, than burden Europe. All
artists, and those who wish to continue employment in the art sector, should
be transferred to the USA.

Any attempt at such a transfer would probably result in military
intervention in support of art, perhaps by the USA. However, the nature of
such a military intervention is outside the scope of this article. In any
case, it is probably true that, given the fundamental opposition between art
and its destruction, military conflict is inevitable in the long term.

lovely, isn't it?


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