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Syndicate: Fw: Official statement of the Student Union of Yugoslavia

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From: Stevan Koprivica <ctebah@sezampro.yu>
Date: Wednesday, 07. April 1999 08:41

Official statement of the Student Union of Yugoslavia


Peace does not fall from the sky especially not clad in metal and filled
with explosives. 
The aggression of NATO forces on a sovereign country in the middle of
Europe is not only illegal, since it was not approved by UN or the OESE,
it is a violation of all human rights. This is an act contrary to all
internationally accepted documents, such as the UN Charter, and is a
direct disrespect of international law. It is a dangerous and
frightening precedent: if the air strikes do not stop immediately it
will be clear that World's strongest armed force has no intention of
ever respecting international law. Should the UN fail to restrain NATO
from further aggression the only law left standing will be a law of 
brutal force. 
The only way to reach an agreement satisfactory to all sides is through
negotiations - and it is impossible to talk under shelling: the noise is
too loud and the voice of reason cannot be heard. 
Violence has always bread further violence. It only leads to deeper
conflict provoking hatred and xenophobia, and not towards a sensible
solution. Should this continue, Serbia will be pushed further into
isolation, making it hard for people here to believe in honesty or in
any other noble intentions coming from abroad. 
The ones who have started the war remain unhurt. The destruction they
have caused affects the ones that didn't want war in the first place. It
is the innocent who suffer the most: a stray missile kills civilians,
regardless of their age, sex or nationality; homes are destroyed and the
ones that survive find themselves facing utter poverty. 
We call upon those who are in good faith, whose heads are clear and
cold, and who truly desire peace: please do everything  in your power to
calm the trigger-happy warlords. People with common sense use far more
civilised ways to solve their problems. A fair solution can only be
reached using peaceful methods in an atmosphere of tolerance and with
respect for all human rights.  No one else has to die. Stop this madness
before it grows into a war nobody will be able to control. 

The Student Union of Yugoslavia was initiated in February 1992 and it is
the largest student organisation in Yugoslavia. 
SUYU is an umbrella type organisation connecting fifteen local student
unions from four university centres in Serbia and a few student
organisations in  Montenegro. 
The policy of SUS is based on syndic activities and covers a wide range
of social issues in Yugoslavia such as: human rights and anti-war
campaigns, the environment and sustainable development, culture and
SUYU members have taken part in many actions supporting democratic
reforms in Yugoslavia such as: initiating the Student Protest 1996/97,
the Antiwar Campaign, OTPOR!, protests against repressive laws on the
University and information, etc. 
The aims of SUYU are improvement of student standard and protection of
student rights in Yugoslavia and pursuit of general reforms in
Yugoslavia towards a democratic society. 

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